Chris’ infinite words of wisdom

1. Books are not only for academic and instructional purposes. Guess what, reading books can also be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Of course, you know I’m talking about novels and other literary works. Not self-help books and magazines, you philistine.

I do admit that I don’t read that much and I usually read them out of impulse or whenever I feel like it. But, I tell you, you better put your literacy to proper use.

2. Films are not only for temporary escapism. As they reflect the culture, situation and the people’s way of thinking of their respective times (whether they be mainstream or underground films), they are now a main part of our lives. Sure, they are for your fun and amusement, as I specially get a kick out of musicals, kung fu films, and out-of-this-world Tsui Hark films, but they are also supposed to make you think, learn, reflect upon, and open your mind to new ideas and beliefs.

But don’t expect much of these from any kind of mainstream entertainment these days as they are just basically dumbed-down entertainment with recycled plots, cliches and stereotypes and absolutely no camp value at all. They always reassure and reinforce the people’s preconceived beliefs and ideas and never put them beyond their comfort zones. They never challenge the human mind. I blame Hollywood for people’s short-attention spans.

3. Progess is when you invent something new, not when you update on something that has already been done. Who really needs those countless features you have on your cell phone, car or your computer anyway? You could live without them. Remember when a cell phone was primarily used for instant messaging and mobile calls, and when a car was only built for driving. Those were the days. Guess what? We’ll probably never live to see the day when someone will invent something completely original and cutting-edge or make a breakthrough, the way people keep going on, raving, about the latest features and technologies on their new gadgets. Yes, fill the void in your empty lives by buying new stuff. Yes, that’s so going to help.


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  1. What happened to you. Come back to blogging. Have mercy.

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