Twinks, bodybuilder freaks and machine gun bras

June 9, 2010 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Whining | 27 Comments

I just noticed that we can “like” posts in WordPress as well. Eww, even WordPress has that “like” option now. And I accidentally “liked” my previous post, out of curiosity. The professional look that WordPress was trying to maintain for itself has now just gone down the drain.

I’ve started going out to the gym. Like I said, I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone, step by step. And just a few hours ago, I attended this cycling session. And I must tell you that that must have been what it feels like to be in the scorching flames of hell. My whole body, particularly my legs, was burning, and I was sweating buckets. Not even halfway through, I couldn’t even exert any real effort. And I think the instructor kept glancing at me everytime I slowed down or did something wrong so I had to at least do what I could. I just wanted to give up, I was just beside the door, but I didn’t want to suddenly storm out or seem like a quitter. I seriously wanted to kiss the floor once we were all done and doing the warm-up exercises.

But at least, that was over. And I’m going to say that I won’t be trying that cycling session anytime sooner even though I did sweat like there was no tomorrow and probably burned more fats than I normally would just using the other gym equipment.

Okay, okay, I’m not going to go stereotype all the people other than me working out at the gym by saying that they’re all dumb and shit with nothing in their heads to go with their brawny bodies but I just saw one of those bodybuilder freaks at the men’s change room, flexing his muscles and gazing at himself in the mirror. Eww, and he’s just too vain. I just wanted to push him towards the floor while he was doing slow push-ups. My gosh, there’s such a thing as too much muscles. The sight was so scary that I tried not to look at him on the face or something, not to mention that he was on the way of people entering and going out the change room. I’d like to believe that he is dumb as hell; that way, the world would make much more sense.

And I shall try not to faint at the sight of well-built, white twinks, all naked at the dressing room. Ooh. But, at least, that’s quite a refreshing change from the old geezers and buggers at the change room. And why must the old, wrinkly men always go full frontal while changing at the locker room? Ugh, those flabby stomachs and tiny pricks, hide those hideous things, haha. Just mentioning it makes me cringe and shiver.

P.S.: Lady GaGa’s new music video of Alejandro is what reciprocated love must feel like. Gay men sporting coconut-like haircuts and pseudo-Nazi uniforms dancing and oozing sex, Lady GaGa as a dominatrix and a sexy nun, the machine gun bra, and the dance moves, oh yeah. Lady GaGa’s also the only pop singer who acknowledges the presence of her huge gay fanbase, I’ll tell you that.


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