1. I did not come up with my blog name “Raspberry Reich” myself. Neither am I a neo-fascist. It is a reference to one of my favorite films, The Raspberry Reich (Duh!), you ignorant fool.

2. Some might think that this blog (along with my habit of obsessively watching films) is my substitute to a life but define “life ” for me then.

If your definition of having a “life” means fully devoting yourselves to work and studies and nothing else, keeping yourself busy and occupied at all times, maintaining a full-time social life, and conforming to the norms of society, then I’d rather be dead.

Surely, sometimes you must feel like you need to get away from people and avoid human contact for just a short amount of time as people do tend to become obnoxious and moronic sometimes.

3. Most of the opinions I express in this blog may not be original or new to you but they are still my opinions. Almost everything in this world has been said and done so, chances are, whatever you write in your blog has already been said by someone else, probably in a more comprehensive manner.

I just enjoy bursting other people’s bubbles.

4. Just like other bloggers, I have a tendency to repeat thoughts and ideas that I have posted in previous posts or blogs, most likely due to my poor long-term memory. It’s not a fault. It’s just inevitable, especially since life is usually uneventful and repetitive and some things just fucking never go away.

5. I don’t claim to be proficient in the English language. If you find any grammatical/spelling errors, please point them out. The gesture will be fully appreciated as long as you don’t make a big deal about it. At least, I know the difference between “it’s” and “its”.

6. There is no flow in my writing style, if any. I just start writing about something and, chances are, I might talk about something else in the next few paragraphs and go back to the original topic later. There is no real introduction and no real ending but there is still some substance as I try to make sense out of things. I am no creative writer nor do I have any real experience in creative writing but I try my best.



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  1. Just dropping-by. Aliw ako sa blog mo. Sarap basahin. Ü

    • Thanks :D. No link in your username to your blog?

  2. Ah ganun ba? May problem siguro wordpress ngayon. Here’s my link: http://www.steadfastguy.wordpress.com By the way, add kita sa blogroll ko ah. Ü
    Enjoy ur long weekend. Ü

  3. nice blog. very intimate. 🙂

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