Love, fear, apathy and anarchy

June 26, 2010 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Angst | 23 Comments

Peaceful protests turning into violent ones, protesters breaking glass windows and burning cars, police force creating the illusion of its omnipresence, people on both sides taking advantage of their power and/or freedom, bystanders watching everything with both indifference and amusement and taking pictures of the chaos while they’re at it, muddled ideas and beliefs, protests for countless causes and world problems, anarchists in the midst of all this chaos, minor disturbances and commotions taken way out of proportion due to panic and paranoia. This is downtown Toronto, during the G20 Summit.

Of course, despite my passionate hatred for all capitalist nations and my tendency to dwell on a multitude of issues, I’m nothing but a voyeur to all this. And as I do work in the downtown area and had the unfortunate luck of having work shifts yesterday and today during the G20 Summit, I am just a block or two away from the protests and disturbances.

Yesterday, the mall’s fire alarm rang and all of us were asked to evacuate the mall. And, as usual, what really happened is obscured from all the rumors you hear from the others but I’m betting, people are getting a just bit too panicky about all this, that’s all. And just earlier today, the mall was locked down and people at first were told to stay inside until the commotion around the area was done, and I was forced to only work for less than 2 hours as all the shops were asked to shut down for the day.

Of course, some people get all too panicky, paranoid and scared about all this while I just silently watch peace in this town of ours slowly turn to pandemonium, and I heard some who wanted to see more of what they referred to as action and wished to see the police aggressively beat the protesters, out of their thirst for blood and sheer amusement in violence. Quite appalling, if you ask me.

Knowing how the media can be two-faced and one-sided and can hardly be considered as impartial, I am not going to even argue which side, the police force or the protesters, started the disturbances and the acts of violence. It could possibly be provocations on either side, protesters’ annoyance at the prevalent and domineering police force, protesters resorting to violence for the belief that these world leaders are not hearing them out, the police force’s abuse of their power, bystanders trying to cause scenes, or simply just anarchists who merely want to break the peace.

Oohhh, I’m getting all worked up and frustrated over something I have no control of. Now, in order to calm myself down a bit and forget all this for a bit, I’ll just laugh my head off to this, something completely unrelated:




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  1. base! bwahahahaha!

    again, i’m running out of words. i will have to read this for like five times more before i get to write my comment. πŸ˜€


    • I’mma squeeze that brain of yours then so you won’t have hard time commenting. πŸ˜›
      You’re way smarter than that πŸ˜‰ so I expect a long comment.
      But then again, you don’t voice out your opinions on any political stuff at all :(.

      • I would still love to go to Canada. if only for those nice people I see in Just for Laughs (and you of course). I’ve always envisioned Canada as a very peaceful place to live in, but of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people no longer go out in the streets to air out their grievances. it’s inevitable in every country. good that you weren’t hurt or anything. now this is me being paranoid πŸ˜€

      • Yes, that’s just you being paranoid. It’s not as if I was in or near where all the action took place. It’s also these people I were with who made such a big deal about it :P.
        Yay, now quickly get your ass here and I’ll show you how peaceful yet infinitely dull it is here in Canada :P.

  2. i wish i could work for two hours only, but i must be hallucinating. we are being paid by the number of hours we are logged in. that means, even heavy rainfall or demonstration can never force the company to say “send them home.” and yes, we are receiving huge number of calls from people affected by the summit. wth.

    • Haha, but shouldn’t they be at least concerned for your safety, or, if not, be responsible for your safety and health if anything worse happens around the area?
      How are the callers you get being affected by the summit? I’m guessing they’re American callers but I’m still curious to know how they are affected at all.

  3. most of them complain about security and all. they’re paranoid.

    and, btw, i am only 19. early 20s ka jan.

    • These bourgeoisie people are new to this stuff. They’ve been living in luxury and calm for a long time, and get a bit too panicky at this mild stuff. Hehe :P.
      And why refer to them as kids then? πŸ˜›

  4. because, they’re… 15? πŸ˜€

    • Right, right, I was thinking of the common age when people start pursuing postsecondary education here in Canada. Usually, 17 or 18. πŸ˜› Still young, but, I’m assuming, with minds of their own.

  5. can’t view the video (i am assuming it’s a video, though).

    Everything you described gave me the feeling it’s not at all different from the scenes here in the Philippines, except, maybe for the physical background.

    uhhh…can’t really be sad you only worked for 2 hours. how i wish i could do that and still get paid. hahaha! Just this morning while showering, I was wishing we had three-day weekends. hay. hahaha!

    • If you can’t view the video, it’s a Filipino guy in the GMA news who seems to be high on drugs, amusingly talking in English, hahaha.
      This is just during the G20 summit, during the course of 3 days, but at least I’m glad that people here in Toronto still can stand for something they think is not right, despite all the worldly comforts they have here.
      I would be happy to work for 2 hours if I actually got paid for all the hours I’m supposed to work for that day, but, no, they’ll only pay me for the hours from the time I started and the time we closed the store down.

      • oh my fucking God, I also posted that same video
        of that math wizard dude who buys drugs in mercury drug (lol)
        a couple of months back. This video is the shit. I mean, ‘how
        can we accuse someone without side by side’?! lol.

        now on to your topic…i have always been the anti-protests guy.
        I just cant wrap my brains around the logic behind it. Ok, you have some issues to air out – fine, take it out on the streets. But that doesnt make things any better. Not to mention how costly it is. You have to meet up with your ‘protestmates’ or whatever the hell they call themselves.
        then you have to make stupid banners and signs which may cost you around $10-20 bucks. THEN, you have to make an effort to NOT get caught doing stupid shit. All these for WHAT?! Like the bigwigs are listening. They’re just out there watching you on TV, sipping cognac.

      • “We cannot accuse people without sabi-sabi. We can take a square root from the side by side, sir.”

        Hahaha, alangya. Wala tayong binatbat sa infinite wisdom ni manong.

        I beg to disagree with you, Kuya (which seems to be always the case, haha). A lot of things around the world have changed because of protests, strikes, pickets and rallies, especially during the 1960’s where a lot of civil rights movements occurred across the world. The world’s definitely still not a utopian one but it has somehow changed for the better, more or less because of these little things. How else can change occur if we don’t go speak of it out in the streets? Because of these things, there’s still hope for the human race :D.

      • Yeah, back in the ’60s, protesters where considered ‘heroes’.

        Snap back here in the P.I., aside from the two EDSA revolution rallies that I never attended, there hasnt been a single rally that bear results.

        Its way more patethic over here. You can see men and women who
        probably should be out there working, finding food for the family – but instead, they go out there and join rallies. they go out there
        with their kids only to get bamboozled by cops. for what?! the only consolation for that is they get to see their faces on national TV.

  6. I don’t really care. But I’m trolling your blog and Jayvie’s. Just because. I am so kilig, you have no idea.

    Ok. I’m going to stop now.

    • Your indifference truly saddens me :P.
      I have a feeling that you’re going to tease us until you get tired of it. πŸ˜›

      • You’re mean. πŸ˜€

        I am still kilig. Once that fades, I’ll probably stop.

        Probably. πŸ˜€

  7. hmmm… sounds like manila on any given day.

    funny, my friend, who’s there was well posted pictures about the riot/protests and what he said i guess echoes the apathy of many: “kahit na anong mangyari, iinom pa rin ako!”

    • My theory is, people here take pictures instead of doing something about it because they’re used to blandness, peace and nothing eventful happening here. But, yes, social apathy indeed.
      When a tornado hit parts of Toronto a year ago I think, instead of running away or going to a safe place, people actually made sure that they first took a video or picture of it. Now, isn’t that something? @_@

  8. In the Philippines, young people have quite gone apathetic over movements prolly cos of the fear of getting water canon-ed by the police. They just resorted to e-activism, so to speak.

    And in your previous blog, no I haven’t been in a long-distance relationship. I resolved not to. And it’s more fun when you see each other often. No offense to your new relationship! Hihi.

    Great post!

    • By the way people here go around, happy with their gadgets, toys and all those flashy material objects and satisfied with what they already have, I would have thought that no one cared anymore for wrongs in society and things that still need to be changed.
      I’m definitely glad I was wrong. People, or at least some, still care! πŸ˜€

      • Thats good news then! πŸ™‚

        Action should help transcend change and progress.

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