WHY I am a feminist

June 17, 2010 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Epic | 24 Comments

In the documentary film, Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, Bob Flanagan recites a poem he wrote on why he is a masochist. I’m doing the same thing but my version’s on why I am a feminist. Although it might not be as lyrical and creative as his, this will do for now.


Because I’m gay. Because I love women. Because of Greek goddesses. Because of amazons. Because dominatrixes are hot. Because feminists are not man-hating lesbians. Because of the 1960’s civil rights movements. Because of subversion. Because of female novelists. Because of Joan of Arc. Because of Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Barbra Streisand and all other gay icons. Because I can think for myself. Because I know what’s right from what’s not. Because I demand equality and respect for everyone. Because we need to conquer all differences, whether it be in class, race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Because of this patriarchal world of ours. Because of double standards. Because of social expectations. Because of oppression, stereotyping, treating women as sex objects. Because of the male gaze. Because of crude sexist jokes. Because of conservatism, chastity belts and abstinence. Because of tyrannical, white men that have ruled this world for centuries. Because of witch hunts. Because of Sigmund Freud. Because of social apathy. Because of indifference. Because of Marilyn Monroe and the salivating men she has on her command. Because of misogynistic hiphop videos. Because of women pretending to be bisexual, when they’re actually not. Because of men’s continuous exploits of women.

Because of the way people refer to women as either “bitches”, “whores” or “sluts”. Because of the phrase “Bros before hos”. Because of the phrase “That’s what she said”. Because of MFF threesomes. Because of degrading straight porn. Because of debasing male fantasies. Because men are unwilling to debase themselves. Because men are unwilling to eat their own love juice. Because of how everyone romanticizes the pimping lifestyle. Because of the glorification of Tiger Woods. Because of the way people talk of other people’s mothers. Because of the blatant misogyny in mainstream entertainment. Because of USA’s huge influence on people all over the world. Because of human ignorance. Because of Japan’s attitude towards sex. Because of the lolita complex. Because of tentacle sex.

Because society continues to oppress and repress its women. Because of people’s expectations of what you should be like if you are a woman or a man. Because a woman is called a “slut”, if she’s promiscuous but a man is called a “stud”, if he does the same. Because men use the fact that they are men as an excuse for their bad behaviour. Because women are more forgiving than men. Because they say blue is for a boy, pink is for a girl. Because of man-created myths about women. Because women are not complicated mysteries, once you get to know one.

Because we need more real female role models. Because I am strong. Because we are strong. Because I am frustrated. Because I want change. Because no one else seems to care. Because no one else seems to be angry about this. Because, at this time and age, no one else seems to understand the plight of women, what women face and go through, around the world.

Because of my mother. Because of my sister. Because of my female friends. Because of kind and caring mothers. Because of saints. Because of transexuals. Because of lesbians. Because of grandmothers. Because of womanhood. Because of womanly instincts. Because of a woman’s devotion, compassion and understanding. Because of a woman’s intelligence, strength and limitless capabilities. Because of the comfort in confiding to a woman your secrets, admitting to a woman your sins and sharing to a woman all your problems. Because all of us came from a woman’s womb. Because I understand. Because I live, you live, we love.



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  1. My thesis geared toward “men’s studies” as I deemed that women’s and LGBT’s have become overrated to the point that society still fails to address the real issues behind. An men have become very fluid lately, but used this aspect to be more patriarchal if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, are you a liberal, a radical or a postmodern feminist? πŸ™‚

    PS Read up Nick Joaquin. He’s greatly a feminist writer in my opinion.

    • Really? Men’s studies in this blatantly patriarchal and misogynistic world of ours? Huh.
      I think I am more of a radical feminist. I still think that patriarchal beliefs are unfortunately still ingrained in our society and that, despite women being active in the workforce, women still don’t have the equal treatment they deserve that men already have.
      I mean, duh, most supporting jobs, like secretaries and receptionists, are still primarily given to women. And young women are the ones who are blamed for their early pregnancies, while the men who have impregnated them can get away with their responsibilities quite easily. The burden’s all on the women. These are only a few among other things I find unjust in this society of ours. Oops, sorry that my reply’s quite long hehe.

      • Haha yep, in the academe, men’s studies have to catch up hard. If you try by just googling, you’ll know what I meant.

        You’re right about women getting the low levels of employment. Then again, like a prof once said, men in general will n ever understand the burden of women since they’re not women in the first place. Right on.

  2. this is very beautiful.

    • Thanks, this is what happens when I get all frustrated and worked up over things that are bigger than life hehe.

  3. I hope that u weren’t inspired by the masochist’s poet cuz you thought we’re dealing with the same thing ?
    your version is awesome.. I loved it…I kept reading it out loud in a poetic way… I’m gonna save it and share it ..thank you ^^

    • Oh I don’t think sadomasochism and feminism are related or the same thing whatsoever, but the way Bob Flanagan wrote the reasons why he was a masochist inspired me to do something similar.
      You must share it, in your Twitter perhaps. Let’s spread the feminist love all around, hehe :).

  4. woah! you have written SOMETHING here. I admire how diverse and profound you have enumerated your causes why you are a feminist. how long did it take for you to write this huh?

    “Because of my mother. Because of my sister. Because of my female friends. Because of kind and caring mothers.” Aaawwww.

    can we add Mariah in the list? bwahahahahaha. oops wag magalit!

    • You should know that I always get into arguments and quarrels because of how I really stand for my political beliefs (feminist/Marxist/socialist/liberalist).
      Only two hours, I guess. I’m not even bragging, hehe :P.
      Nope, Mariah Carey is one of the main reasons why I’m not straight, hahahaha.
      I have a feeling you have a shrine for Mariah Carey in your room that you haven’t showed us yet, hahaha.

      • 2 hours?! you should be a writer!

        oy wala naman shrine. rebulto lang. hahaha. πŸ˜€

      • Again, I have no creative juice in me :(.
        That must be a scary statue of hers, then. πŸ˜› I bet you have posters of her in your room :P.

  5. Because dominatrixes are hot.
    Because of crude sexist jokes.
    Because of misogynistic hiphop videos.
    Because of the phrase β€œHos before bros”. (Hindi ba baligtad to?)
    Because they say blue is for a boy, pink is for a girl.

    Yan ang mga pinaka nagustuhan ko. But you know how I feel about feminism. I just don’t think anyone should favor one gender over the other.

    • I just edited the phrase. Thanks for noticing, not that it makes the phrase any better at all. However you make it, the phrase seems awful. How could you even refer to all women as “hos”? Pigs.
      Again, I must say that not all feminists are guilty of what you’re talking about. You must not think of us as man-hating people who want women to be the superior sex. It’s not that at all. We just believe both men and women are created equally, therefore, should be treated equally. Women don’t get the respect men get, most of the time. It’s sad :(.

  6. Nice one. You know when something seemed to be too long nakakatamad basahin pero this one is worth the time kase even there’s so many words it all makes sense and you just outburst it all. Galing.

  7. i love women and gays too. pantay-pantay lang sana ang lahat

  8. the part where men and women should have equal rights in everything is for me, a gray area. Its something that men and women can and will never settle. Ever. Its like the chicken/egg debate.

    trust me, I’m no masochist. I love women. I love Goddesses and yes, I find dominatrixes HOT. But…would I rather watch WNBA than NBA? No. Know what I mean?

    • I wouldn’t watch either a women’s basketball league or a men’s basketball league. That’s how much I hate sports :P. Watching even an hour of basketball is considered in my book as mental torture, haha.
      But I still don’t understand why people who are understanding and open-minded as you don’t see why women and men can and should be treated equally and deserve the same respect and privileges. This world is too vast to be ruled by men. There is so much space for all of us :).

      • I’m ok with women ruling over men on things like politics, science, even religion. I’m cool with it.

        but reality is, the world is set up in a way that men will rule over women on majority of things. I know its not fair, but it is what it is I guess.

        lol @ you watching an hour of basketball

        question: do you find women who excels in weightlifting and bodybuilding amusing?

      • And what may I ask are these “majority of things” you’re talking about? o_O πŸ˜›
        I don’t find bodybuilding and weightlifting amazing, with men and women alike. I think it’s just too much.

      • its a loooong list Chris. I dont even know where to start.

        I’m not saying that men are better than women, its just that
        stuff around us are designed (by chance or by choice) to give
        advantage to men.

        like for instance, the other day, my wife waited 2 hours for me so I can hook up the cable that somehow got tangled up on some other wires. she could have done it herself but instead waited for me. why? I dont know. you feel me?

  9. Having been cultured by my Arts-related course, it helped me to be open-minded enough to understand LGBT and, of course, women. Hell, I love women so much. But I love older women. HAHA

    No, seriously.

    • Kevin has a thing for older women? Hehehe. Cool beans.
      Like I always say, people should be open-minded about things that are not familiar to them, things that they don’t know much about. πŸ™‚

      • LOL @ Kevin! Alam na!

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