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Yuppies. Taxes. White supremacists. Tweety the bird. Injustice. TV, the idiot box. Facebook stupidities. Corporations. Asian boy bands. Rednecks. The word “bitch”, you misogynistic cunts. Bigots (JC’s favourite word, haha). Old-fashioned beliefs. Cliches. Stereotypes. Groupies. Hardcore Beatniks. Capitalists. Donald Trump, I want him dead. Filipinos worshipping Americans. People on the North beating baby seals as a sport(!). Herd mentality. Colonial mentality. Conformists. Consumerism. Che Guevara T-shirts. Quentin Tarantado Tarantino. Machismo. Patriarchy. Dad getting all worked up over and complaining about small stuff. Snobbish bourgeoisie. Materialistic people. Brands. This copyrighting business. Over-ambitious people. Plastic surgeries. Girls passing off as bisexuals for the pleasures of their boys. Twilight fans. Heterosexual public displays of affection. Mainstream multiplexes. Impersonal parties. Excessive make-up. Annoying sound of high heels on hard surfaces. Superficiality. Chihuahuas as fashion accessories. Mainstream culture. Endless tributes to dead celebrities, ehem, Michael Jackson, ehem. Meaningless holidays. People who go use public washrooms and don’t wash their hands, yuck. Misleading advertisements. Ads defacing women and treating them as sex objects. Kalabasa. Small talk. Class clowns. Trying so hard to be funny and to cheer people up. Sexist, homophobic or racist jokes. Pretentious art. Posers, wannabes, “gangsters”. Loud music on cars. Sports.

Stories. Fantasy fiction, science fiction. Sylvester the cat. Bubble wrap. Light rain. Crumpling paper bags. Floating on water, facing towards the sky. Curling myself underwater. Polaroid pictures. Downtown. Breakfast. The smell of baked goods. Sugar cubes. Old video games. The normal thumping of the heart. The feeling of my body against the wind. Underground video stores. The occasional bondings with my sister. Dad’s love of plants. Mom’s excessive worrying. People’s little quirks. Morning orgasms. Old letters from friends. Reminiscing. Hearing or remembering old songs you haven’t listened to in a long time. Various accents. Cinematic gestures. Musicals. Gay icons. Joan Crawford. The crisp and color of autumn leaves. Huskies. Baby penguins. Baby seals. Watermelon slushies. Vinni-Pukh. Silent fall of snow. Northern lights, I wanna see it. Black-and-white films. Foreign languages. Old film posters. Cheesy gay porn lines. Old-fashioned trains, I find them romantic. Unintentional humour. Schadenfreude, look it up. Campy films. Armpit fetishes. Homoeroticism in films and novels. Tight leather. Natural body smells. Male bodies drenched in sweat, oh yeah. Cup noodles. Daredevil rides. Intellectuals. Revolutionaries. Meaningful conversations. Just eating out with friends. Counterculture. Cinematheque Ontario. Socialism, Marxism, communism, feminism, liberalism. Fred Astaire tap dancing. Friday movie nights, I miss them. Bumming out. Groucho Marx. Buster Keaton. Day-offs. Skipping school. Spirituality, not organized religion. Musicals.

Despite all the ugliness in this world, it’s really the small things that make living worthwhile.



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  1. Hate: “Heterosexual public displays of affection” Agree agree.

    Love: “Old-fashioned trains, I find them romantic. The crisp and color of autumn leaves. Silent fall of snow. Northern lights, I wanna see it. Floating on water, facing towards the sky.” You got an eye for lovely details, boy. Wow. Let’s all wave the banner of romanticism and all that jazz..

    You say Morning Orgasms, i say Morning Woods. Love the rubbing, not the entire strenuous beating. I love solo pleasures at dusk. HAHA

    • I feel like hetero couples displaying public affection are gloating and putting it in everyone’s face. It’s annoying. But if it’s gay couples doing the same thing, they want them to get a room and ask them to keep their business at home. Fucking double standards, argh.

      Oh, I also include the morning wood there. Jacking off early in the morning good. Hahaha.

      I can just float on water all day, baby. Hehe.

  2. why do people have to play loud car music? it’s pretty annoying. yeah, and sports, too. so hetero. (btw, i learned that from you)

    geez, i have a fetish for armpits, too. hahaha 😛

    i wish you all these lovely things 😀

    • Yay, I expect you to use the word for that on a daily basis. And, yes, I’d rather take my eyes out than watch/play sports all day. For fun, sure, but when rules are strictly implemented and I am forced to, no thank you :P.

      Armpits and nipples, actually. Oh, yeah, baby XD.
      Sometimes I think it’s bullshit when people say the first things they see in the same/opposite sex are their eyes.
      I look straight at the men’s armpits if they’re wearing sleeveless shirts. One indication of whether they’re hot or not. Oooh yeah.

      • check out Gerald Anderson’s armpits. the hottest i’ve seen. and he loves to flaunt it in Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo. and how can i forget his billboard in EDSA with his armpits all bared for the world to see. lol

      • Ay, turn-off. Walang buhok, at saka baka magpakapalan lang kami ng kilay niyan XD.
        I daresay that I like my armpits hairy, not hairless :P. Hahaha.

      • check out Gerald’s nipples na lang. so pinkish. hahaha

        or John Lloyd’s armpits, so hairy. lol 😛

      • Naku, parehas na di ko type XD. Parehas pipitsugin, haha. Peace :D. Naku, di pala tayo magkasundo sa taste sa lalaki.

  3. Na special mention nanaman ako. Haha. Teka alam mo bang nahihirapan ako mag comment sa post na ito? Sobrang dami ko gusto sabihin kase naman halos lahat ng nasa hate list mo ganyan den saken, maliban sa TV at kalabasa.

    • Ew, kalabasa. Veggies are not supposed to be sweet.
      Yeah, and I don’t think that it’s unintentional that I mentioned your name in my hate list. Hahaha, I kid. 🙂
      Hopefully, you also loathe Tweety the bird and wished that Sylvester could just wring him on the neck, hahaha XD.

      • I couldn’t care less. Nakakaasar den minsan yan si Tweety, feeling bata. Haha. I tot I taw a putty tat. Kazur. Haha.

  4. :c

    Well, let me just print this out so that I’ll know what to do when you’re around. :p Man, you’re pretty tough.

    • Hahahaha, believe me, I’m not that hard to please.
      I just complain about a lot of things, that’s all :P.

      • You saying you’re not hard to please is the understatement of the YEAR. :p

  5. Schadenfreude OMFG

    Are you a Marxist? Just curious.

    • Of course, I only laugh at something like an accident that happened to someone else, not real human tragedies. o_O
      Yes, I must be a Marxist. I’m against capitalism, I don’t like this privatization of property that capitalists do, and I sympathize for the working class.

  6. love: when you have a new post.
    hate: coming back here but no updates.

    • Nangbola ba naman, haha.
      But, yey, I’ll just believe that this is true anyways :P.
      It’s just that my mind’s usually blank and I can’t think of anything to post about that I end up doing something else instead.

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