A childhood sexual fixation

May 23, 2010 at 10:37 pm | Posted in Oddball | 33 Comments

Okay, so compared to last month, I’ve been blogging less lately. It’s not that I’m busy. I have few work shifts and I am still passively looking for another job and waiting for a response from the universities I’ve applied in. It’s just that I have been spending my time watching films instead, which most of you must have noticed is my hobby, my obsession. I’ve been trying to watch most of the the films selected (that I haven’t seen yet) for a competition in the forum The Auteurs so I can participate in voting and all. It beats looking for a better job, anyways, and keeps me occupied.

So, enough of the general pseudo-social critique and babbling that I usually post in this blog of mine for a while. That’s just me being tired and sick of all the hypocrisies and mediocrities in this world. Instead, I’m here to admit something that I haven’t personally shared to anyone I know in real life. It’s just something from my childhood that I’d never forget.

When I was a kid, I used to jack off to Disney’s The Jungle Book. Seriously.

Among all the Disney films and other animation films I had in my collection (those VHS tapes are now all not in my possession), one of the few I’ve watched hundreds of times is The Jungle Book. The film’s not that good. Aside from the catchy The Bare Necessities song, the film’s mediocre, at best. Personally, I think Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, Bambi and The Three Caballeros are the best films that the purely evil Walt Disney has ever produced. The rest are about 1-dimensional damsels-in-distress who dream no more than getting it on with Prince Charming, the real villain of them all Disney villains and a bunch of talking animals, with apparently thick human accents. So that’s how animals communicate with each other.

Anyway, of course, I haven’t reached puberty yet and I had no definition, no sense, of what I felt for the same sex. And I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. But I felt tingles whenever I watched the snake, Kaa, seducing hypnotizing Mowgli. Seriously, Kaa could have just eaten him quite easily without the need of hyposis. While watching those two scenes where the snake Kaa unsuccessfully tries to hypnotize him before devouring him, I would lie face down on a sofa, cling to it, and press my body, and my puny cock, against the soft texture of the couch, humping it until I released those body fluids, until I finally came. Sometimes, I would just fast-forward through the rest of the film just for those two key scenes. And I remember wishing that the film would have been a whole lot better if Kaa did get to eat Mowgli in the end after all those seductions that left me with an erotic sensation.

And, apparently, I am not alone on this one. After viewing a couple of the Kaa and Mowgli scenes posted in Youtube, the exact scenes I quite enjoyed during my childhood, I read a bunch of comments on the video, stating that they also got turned on by Kaa and his hypnotic ways, that they have/had erotic fantasies about Kaa and Mowgli, and that they themselves wanted to be wrapped around Kaa’s, er, body. And I don’t know which would have been better: knowing that there are other people who also felt the same way as me or thinking that I was the only person who felt that way towards those scenes.

Trying to vaguely explain as to why we are sexually aroused by Kaa, I guess it must be his aggressive seductions on Mowgli, his hissing sounds, , the voice actor’s charming voice, and finally the way he tries to trap or prey on the poor, innocent Mowgli. If this was a cartoon about humans instead, Kaa would have been a pedophile. Now, don’t start getting all Freudian on me, okay?

I know that’s a little bit fucked up but, just thinking about it now and watching the scene again years later, I’m feeling some kind of erotic sensation overwhelming me.



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  1. hahahaha. how can we not get Freudian about this aber? how come you are able to release body fluids na even before puberty?! 😛

    • I didn’t say it was semen :P. I dunno, it almost seemed like water, haha.
      I don’t even want to know as to why I have this strange fixation. I just might find out that I have a disturbed mind :P.

      • sabihin mo lubricant un.. haha. you know some oily thing plus water..

        may napapansin lang ako. parang pareho kayo ng theme ni slaveboi sa mga recent posts niyo. conspiracy ba ito..

  2. My sisters would tell me how much I loved Jungle Book, but I couldn’t even remember any of the characters! Which sucks.

    I’d better not tell you the movie which made me feel the need to jack off (but failed miserably). Meh, you’d probably hate me for being masculine. 😀 Peace!

    • Tell me. Tell me. I’m curious :P.
      Don’t worry. I’ll just judge you then when you tell me what it is, haha.

  3. that’s fucked up! lol. but it sounds like fun.

    • I could probably use the Jungle Book video as a precursor to sex or foreplay for myself, hahaha XD. Alangya.

  4. Haha hands down to this. I released fluid watching Lion King. Tears nga lang. Haha corny me.

    • Oddly enough, confiding stuff like this to strangers you don’t get to see is easier than telling it to someone I’m really close to IRL.
      Almost everyone keeps telling me that she cried to Lion King but I didn’t. How could I cry for a character I barely knew? That was during the beginning of the film, come on, guys :P.

  5. hmmmm….never saw jungle book that way… but i knew the words to that bare necessities song.

    interesting take on the movie. 🙂

    • Haha, no one seems to be appalled or surprised about it. Maybe people have more disturbing and more shocking childhood stories to tell. Do you? Hehe.

      • oh yeah. it all started in kindergarten… 🙂
        but it would come off as straight porn to you, i’d rather not share. teehee… 🙂

      • omg. san ba ako noong ginagawa niyo toh? i only knew the pleasure of masturbation on my 2nd yr of hs. too late not to be scarred for life by these images. hihi

  6. so Jungle Book pala ang katapat mo Chris ah. lol.

    well, we all had our share of ‘weird moments’ when we were still reaching puberty. I mean, I jacked off multiple times whenever I see the movie 6 days 7 nights (forgot the exact title) starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche

    yeah, that movie was garbage but I jack off at the thought of being stuck on an island with Heche (who at that time was still HOT)..I think I was 15 then.

    • Hopefully people won’t use this secret against me, :P.
      Pero tama ba naman yung maturn-on sa ahas? =O
      I think the title is correct. I myself would want to be stranded on an island with young Harrison Ford himself instead, hahaha.

      • hindi tama yung ma-turn on sa AHAS.

        but to each his own. whatever floats your boat man. hehehe.

      • Oi, pero di naman sa totoong ahas ah. Baka kung ano pang isipin mo XD. Dun lang sa cartoon na yun.

  7. HAHA, you got me on the jacking off to that cartoon part. :))

    • Ikaw? May makekwento ka rin ba na parang ganito? Hehe :P.

      • DARe! we need a female point of you on this matter.. Go riz!

    • HAHA. First off, I have not watched The Jungle Book, so I can’t really say I jacked off this cartoon. Haha.

      But if any cartoon at all – even gruesome Spongebob Squarepants – manages to light my fire, I will gladly tell you my sex story. :))

      • I didn’t exactly mean stories about you jerking off to cartoons but almost anything as absurd as this, haha.

      • HAHA. Sorry, the idea might have gotten stuck in my mind already. :))

  8. Wow.


    The image of you, humping to The Jungle Book, is burned to my brain.

    I can’t decide if it turns me on or what. LOL.

    • Some fucked up shit but I guess we all have those kinds of stories; people just don’t talk about it.
      It’s not supposed to turn you on. I was a kid back then :P.
      But, hey, you had more fun with your cousin than I did humping the couch watching Jungle Book, now hadn’t you? =O Peace :D.

      • LOL. I was thinking of you, now, humping some couch. LOL. :p While watching Jungle Book. :p

        I don’t remember if I had fun. It was more like, “Okay. Let’s get this over with, cuz.” LOL.

      • SEE! you two are twins of perv! hahahaha.

        *mama mary is reading your posts. better be good, my sons!

      • If you were imagining the older me humping the couch, then you’re supposed to be turned on then! Duh! XD

        Even if it was with an inanimate object… Hahaha.

      • Suckingbird, if only I could show you how truly pervy I am. Bohaha =)).

        I kid. Well, slightly. 😛

    • HAHA, reading this thread got me falling off the computer chair and literally ROFL. =))

  9. [Female perspective] ~

    I have been aroused by the ‘Bare Necessities’ part of this movie since I first saw it as a child.
    Not only the visual element, (rubbing primatively against rocks while groaning in pleasure, and grinding against a big tree until it’s pulled up by the roots), but the song itself for the intense climax of instruments in the song as Baloo rubs against various things until the peak is reached: “Ohh man this is really lovely…” I’m 23 and I still get off to the song. For years I thought, “I can’t be the only one who sees the climactic and sexual element in this?!” Maybe just as you’re not alone in seeing the sexual element in Kaa’s hypnotic powers, I’m not alone in seeing the sexual element in Baloo’s grinding? 😀

  10. two things :

    first one, you’re not the only one, i can tell you, i used to rp about kaa’s scenes with a guy (i’m a girl) cause i just love the character for his funny side AND the arousing side of these scenes…

    second one, i used to watch the movie when i was a child, in french, and i have to say that the guy who translated the original trust in me song in french was probably “fetishist”, lemme tell you the exact translation of the song with the french text

    Aie Confiance

    Aie Confiance, Croies en moi
    Que je puisse, veiller sur toi
    Fais un somme, sans méfiance
    Je suis là, aie confiance

    Le silence propice, te berce
    Souris et sois complice
    Laisse tes sens glisser dans ces délices tentatrices

    Aie confiance, oui crois en moi
    Que je puisse, veiller sur toi…

    Translation :

    Trust in Me

    Trust in me, believe in me
    That i can look after you
    Have a nap, without mistrust
    I am here, trust in me

    The favorable silence is lulling you
    Smile and be accomplice
    Let your sences slide into these tempting delight

    Trust in me, believe in me
    That i can look after you…

    hum. just the lyrics “smile and be accomplice/let your sences slide into these tempting delight”, are VERY allusive and connoted with seduction. i wonder if he really wants to eat the child or…

    (in order to have the voice in french watch this, the actor is almost whispering when he sing this sentance… really hot according to my mind, and a bit darker than the original one -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV_ucXwhOxc)

  11. While I didn’t “jack off” to it, it struck me the same way, still not sure why. I’m actually rather pissed off at Walt Disney for putting that in there cause Kaa and hypnotism pretty much haunted my dreams up till I was like 16. Seriously. I still hate snakes haha 😛 I’m not gonna let my kids watch it that’s for sure! (or I’ll figure out a way to cut those scenes out haha)

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