Coco Martin, go back to being gay-for-pay.

May 7, 2010 at 11:26 am | Posted in Heterophobia | 21 Comments

Coco Martin, must you be a sell-out? Instead of just sticking to art house and independent films, why must you go and ruin your entire career by starring in trashy teleseryes where you play such dull hetero roles? We liked you better when you pretended to be a homo.

I’d have just loved to put you in suspended animation before you decided to sign contracts with the devil so you’ll always and only be remembered for your films with Brillante Mendoza, Masahista, Serbis and Kinatay and Raya Martin’s film Next Attraction. And you’ll be forever young and gorgeous.

Now there’s no excuse for us gays and women to watch you make out with another man for the sake of art. Even though Raya Martin’s film Next Attraction seemed almost pointless and wasn’t exactly a favorite of mine, I still impatiently waited for the scene where you made out with fellow actor, Paolo Rivero, in the shower. Yes, wash each other’s backs. Ooh, that’s the stuff. Now I can’t say that the film was a complete waste of time. I do like my films lingering and slow-paced sometimes but I didn’t see the point to the film Next Attraction.

This may not mean much to you but you represented the gay man who oozed sex, masculinity and Filipino male beauty. Sure, you’re straight in real life but for all we care, you were gay in our eyes. You weren’t just a gorgeous bod to stare at. Your great ass, good looks and distinct lisp were meant for something greater. But then you decided to let yourself be tamed by the mainstream entertainment industry, the embodiment of evil, even more deviant than kapres and manananggals because of its omnipresence and powerful influence on the masses.

Why did you have to cater to the mainstream audience? Why did you have to compromise your integrity and principles? You’ve just gone hetero on us. You just stabbed us gays in our backs. In our eyes, you have been converted from homosexuality to heterosexuality, from alternative film to mainstream trash, from coolness to blandness and tackiness. You just lost yourself an avid fan in me.



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  1. I was like ‘WHOA’ when I opened up your site man. Wala namang gulatan. lol.

    again, this is the part where I just enjoy your OTHER entries.

    • Hahaha, natawa lang ako sa reaksyon mo XD.

      But hey, at least unlike others, you don’t go narrowmindedly telling me not to show stuff like this, that I need to keep stuff like this to myself.

      Or maybe, you’re just keeping quiet? =O

      • nah, im really like that man. respect begets respect. πŸ™‚

  2. have you seen ‘Daybreak’ with Paolo Rivero?

    Tonyong Bayawak is crazy, wonder why he’s settling for these type of shows. Maybe, since he’s got more following now that he’s in the mainstream, he’ll be settling for mediocrity, or something worse than mediocre, especially that he’s receiving a lot of attention now and lot more talent fee.

    but geez, i hope he does a gay mainstream role, say, he falls in love with Gerald Anderson in Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo. It would be hot to see Coco and Gerald in the shower! haha πŸ˜›

    • I’ve seen parts of Daybreak but decided not to finish the whole thing as I just passed it off as another average gay story. Sorry :P.
      But, indeed, Paolo Rivero and Coco Martin look so hot together.
      Hahahahhahaha @ Tonyong Bayawak =))
      I don’t even know why the masses put up with this shit. I wonder if they were given a choice, would they choose quality stuff over this cheesy and mediocre stuff.
      It’s such a turn-off now, what he’s doing to himself :(. But hopefully he still keeps acting in art house and independent films.
      Haha, maiinis ang mga Chiu/Anderson fans sa yo pag nangyari yun. Barf@loveteam. Are there any gay mainstream roles in Pinoy TV shows? Aside from the usually annoying gay sidekicks, the obligatory gay friend who always makes funny or obscene remarks?

      • yeah, sad that Pinoy tv shows only get to showcase gays as Toni Gonzaga’s or Anne Curtis’ sidekicks, whereas shows like Brothers and Sisters or Grey’s Anatomy get to have gays as part of the lead cast.

        i don’t care about the Kimeralds! Go and make that Coco-Gerald tandem, just like when they used to have that Gerald-Jake loveteam in Tayong Dalawa lol πŸ˜€

  3. When have you watched Masahista? I was so proud some years ago when I was able to watch it and you still haven’t. Now I have to find something to insult your lack of access for Filipino films with. Bwahahaha.

    I don’t really find Coco Martin attractive. Do you know Sid Lucero? Now that.. well, let’s just say he makes me sweat a lot. πŸ˜€

    • I think I watched Masahista just this year. It has a North American DVD release (it won awards in a bunch of gay film festivals) so it wasn’t that hard for me to get a hold of a copy.
      If it’s a great film and you have watched it, it’s very likely that I have seen it before you did. Bohahahaha :P.
      This Sid Lucero’s too.. buff. But he does have a cute face though :D.
      You’re not human if you don’t find Coco Martin attractive O_O.

  4. just like ape, i literally screamed ‘eeeeeeeeewwww’ (not at the top of my lungs of course πŸ˜€ – buti nlang breaktime!)

    1st. im really sorry, i should have known you’re gay. ive nothing againts you guys (and i have gays friends too) kaya lang parang im not yet prepared for these things…lalo na siguro when i dig into your achives, baka ma-loka na’ko. i find it hardcore, really.

    2nd. coco martin pala rose from being a gay indie film star pala to mainstream actor, di ko is he straight or gay? isnt hard to portray gay roles when u really are a stright guy? the only gay flick ive seen (at hindi ko pa natapos kasi ‘di ko talaga kaya panoorin) was ‘i love you phillip morris’, have you seen that? i bet you did.

    off topic.ur one of those ‘blogger friends’ ni ape na gusto ko talaga ma-meet, i find you witty kasi. i know i’ll learn alot from you.

    • You do have to learn that this, homosexuality, is as natural as anything else, especially if you have gay friends.
      Coco Martin is straight. Gay-for-pay obviously means just pretending to be gay for money, usually through prostitution and porn but I guess the term can also be applicable to acting and other stuff.
      No, I haven’t seen I Love You Philip Morris even though I adore Ewan McGregor.
      Thanks. But how were you able to find me “witty” if you haven’t dug through my other entries? πŸ˜›

      • ive read couple of your entries (book and movie review i think) and of course all of your comments on ape’s page. i dont need to dig alot to prove ur one right? πŸ™‚ i think its more of how you reason that i admire most. πŸ™‚

        pabisita palagi ha?)

  5. don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. there are some really excellent teleserye that have come and gone. coco martin, unfortunately, has not been cast in any of them, yet.

    • Give me examples of any good ones then XD. Ok, I admit I used to be a fan of TV melodramas. Guilty. Now I have gotten the habit of rolling my eyes almost whenever I catch something stupid on TV (which just so happens to show up every minute).

      • lobo is perhaps the most recent example in my mind

  6. hmmm… his accent? you mean his lisp? haha! πŸ™‚
    well i guess coco martin is the new bomba beauty. star in ‘indie’ films and say on national tv that he used these films as ‘stepping stones’ to something ‘greater’

    well, seeing him on tv (my mom is a fan), makes me want to take out my pirated dvds of him and pretend ‘tayong dalawa’ ‘kung tayo’y magkakalayo’ and ‘tonyong bayawak’ didn’t happen. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I meant his lisp. Hahaha, I feel so embarrassed XD. Okay, okay, I forgot the term. That’s why I wasn’t sure of using the word “accent”. Hahaha.

      What!? He said that? Those weren’t stepping stones. Coco Martin just descended to hell and sold his soul to the devil when he entered the TV industry :P.

      I’d watch Serbis and Kinatay even just to ogle him XD.

  7. he sold out to “mainstream trash” so we could ogle him more easily. hahahaha.

    haven’t had the chance to watch any of the films you cited. haven’t watched filipino films that much, anyway. but you got me interested in the indie films you mentioned here. must watch them one of these days.

    but i have to admit, the teleseryes he starred/stars in are all trashy, that’s why i don’t watch them. come to think of it, all Pinoy teleseryes are done in poor taste. just because the heroine knows how to cry buckets every chance she gets doesn’t mean the story is good, and that’s the kind of teleseryes/soaps we have in this country. so yeah, maybe Coco Martin shouldn’t have gone mainstream at all.

    • Oh, please tell me you don’t tune in to any kind of teleserye. Or at least, you’re always skeptical of everything you watch, right? Haha.
      Not only are they done in poor taste, but the plots and characters are being reused over and over again. Just different title, different characters. And the viewers don’t seem to notice this? Or do they just watch them blindly because the recycled plot and the stereotypes comfort them or anything different can’t be tolerated or accepted?

      • haha! don’t worry, I DON’T watch them. Where else will you see kids getting kidnapped, or mixed up with another one, or adopted or given to another couple, then later on in life, it would be an endless quest for the biological parents and/or kids. or it’s an endless battle for riches supposedly usurped by another party. you only get that from pinoy teleseryes, so you’re damn right, rather than insult my intelligence i would just tune in to lifestyle network shows. hehe

        i don’t know about those who patronize the local teleseryes, but one look at them and you would know the stories are all the same. but yeah, maybe they really find them entertaining. I don’t, though.

  8. I do not find Coco as er.. luscious as you do. He’s cute. And I understand his appeal. But cute never really did it for me. I like the more brooding type. :p

    Anyway, I get where you’re coming from. But I actually think it’s a smart move. I don’t think he’s “selling out” as much as he is just trying to make ends meet. I read somewhere that he doesn’t have any intention to stop making indie films. I think being mainstream and still doing “high profile” roles will make it easier for other actors to do the same or vice versa.

    Or maybe that’s just me. I mean, if it pays the rent, why not? :p The boy’s got to eat, you know. :p

    • What!? That is unacceptable. Hahaha XD.
      But he does look like the type who thinks with his ass. He sure still is good to look at though :P.
      But Tonyong Bayawak!? That must be unforgivable XD.
      Well, then again, a lot of great actors and actresses (Hilda Koronel, Charo Santos, etc.) in the Philippines did settle with starring in TV shows, I guess like you said, for the practicality of it. I’m not sure how it is in other countries but isn’t it more practical if TV and film entertainment be different and not to be associated with one another?

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