We better go to Cuba or I’ll seriously throw a tantrum

May 2, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Posted in Self-importance | 21 Comments

From left to right: Demi, moi and Ana

The two hot mamas on either side of me are my BFFs; that stands for best friends forevah, yoh. Haha, that just sounds so awful. Trust me, I don’t talk like that in real life. I just do it out of mockery and I don’t ever refer to them as my BFFs in real life. But indeed, they are my best friends. We were a larger group of friends back then in high school but we all drifted apart and split into smaller groups because all of us never had anything in common, aside from the fact that we were all a bunch of Filipinos fresh from the Philippines. I’m glad we did since I can’t seem to get along with at least half of them and I don’t like pretending to enjoy one’s company when I actually don’t.

Sometimes, a bunch of us do get together. But it would be just us going through the whole small talk and formalities. Sarcastic smiles and fake hellos, that’s all there would be to it.

But even though Ana, Demi and I are tight like that, we absolutely have nothing in common. Sure, Demi and Ana may have some common interests but other than that, nada. They have more mainstream interests and are not really into what I like. Unlike me, they never get too passionate or obsess too much on something. If they do, it’d be just a phase and they’ll easily grow out of it. Opposites attract?

I could easily mock or insult them on their tastes in films, etc. and they’d still love me, haha. Or maybe they try not to show their annoyance when I do that, I dunno. What? Insults just come naturally to me. They can put up with my sardonic comments and blatant remarks, and I can put up with their poor tastes and shopping habits. All is fair.

After a month or two of not seeing each other since we were pretending to be so busy were so busy on our own lives (one with trying to find a job and the rest of us with school which I’m glad is finally over for now), we decided to catch up on each other’s lives. We decided that we’re going to pull ourselves together and get a better grip on our lives. Our own goals are slightly different from each others’ but mine would be to study AGAIN, to study another course completely, I repeat completely, different from the college course I just completed. If you ask me why I spent three years wasting my time on that accounting shit, I’m afraid I would go on the verge of tears.

All of us are trying to find a new part-time/full-time job, just for the meantime, for the summer, to save enough money for our own separate goals and for our plans to go to Kokomo Cuba (Nahawa kay Salbehe?).

I do hope we go to Cuba. If we don’t, I would seriously throw a tantrum. That’s how serious I am about this plan of ours. It would possibly be only the four or five of us, including their boyfriends. I know, I am so behind. Sori, hindi umuubra ang charms ng lola niyo. I know how long-term plans among friends, plans that have been planned and thought thoroughly of, are the ones that usually don’t happen but it seems like they’re really into the idea. They must have heard from this person we know who went to Cuba about how enjoyable her stay with friends was. Maybe, it will happen. That’d be awesome since all of my out-of-town trips have been always with family and family friends. Gosh, I am such a dweeb.

I have decided that I shall put these months before I finally start studying again next year to better use. I shall find another full-time/part-time job that is not related to accounting at all, get my G1 driving test which I should have done months ago so I could have started with working on my G2 instead, practice my English oral skills, study French, and inquire more about my education and my career of choice. All of this, I should have done ages ago but only now have I had enough sense to take my own future seriously. No more regrets for me, baby.



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  1. Aba base, hekhek. What’s with Cuba pala? Anyway sana matuloy. At ang gaganda ng BFF’s mo, pakisabi moi!

    • E mas mura kasi pag pumunta na lang kami sa Cuba kaysa sa Pilipinas o sa kung saanman. Pero beach at resorts ang habol namin pati na rin yung bakasyon malayo dito XD.
      Naku, alam na nila yun. Hindi na kailangan sabihin. Baka humaba lang ang hair. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  2. send me a postcard when you get there. πŸ™‚

    • Ilagay ko na lang dito sa blog, huh? Sayang petty cash :P.

  3. No time is lost, yung time na yun na nag-accounting ka it has contributed something to a part of your life maski paano, gaya ng sabi ko lagi everything is perfect in God’s plan, the master architect of the universe. You’re still lucky you can send yourself to school. Go for it. Grab your goals in the neck. Hehe.

    • Thanks for making me feel slightly better for my unwise choices back then.
      Am I a part of this master plan though even if I am not of any faith? πŸ˜›
      Oh, it would be tons of loans O_O, and of course I’ll pay for whatever I can afford. Let’s just hope I won’t put it to waste.

  4. ayos lang sayo maging 5th wheel? yaan mo, baka may makilala kang hot Cuban guy dun.

    • I know, I did mention this to them but then again all my life I have always been the third, fifth, seventh, ninth wheel, haha. So how is this any different? XD
      Haha, wish ko lang XD.

  5. Anong meron sa Cuba? Hope you find your Kokomo there. (Syet sana tama Englsih ko, baka ma-edit na naman ako ni Vajee) πŸ˜›

    • Pinakinggan ko yung Kokomo ng The Muppets. Ankyut haha. Naalala ko ang childhood days ko XD. Wala lang, share ko lang XD.

      Beaches at resorts, at hot native guys. Anu pa ba? πŸ˜›

  6. Is it okay if I crush on Demi? πŸ˜›

    • Sorry, ako lang ang hindi tuwid sa aming magkakaibigan XD. But, sure :P.

      • HAHA. Cute siya e. Saka crush lang naman. πŸ™‚ Hindi ba straight-ish na magka-crush ako sa babae?

  7. Wait, wait. Isn’t Cuba scary? Like, isn’t the political atmosphere there tense or something?

    I guess that makes it even more exciting, huh? :p

    I love the last lines, btw. About time you took the reins. πŸ™‚

    • I think it still is. But you know how it is with tourist spots. They’re far away from where all of that is going on. I think there’s like a barrier or something so tourists won’t be able to see Cuba’s real condition, its true face. A total facade, a way of escapism both for tourists and the natives.
      Thanks :D. Yeah it’s about time but I’d like to think I’m still young to do all this. I’m 20, almost 21. Is that young enough?

  8. yep, really no more regrets…those won’t do you any good, anyway.

    oh, and seriously, i don’t know why you don’t have a lovelife yet…you’re even hotter than your two friends. ok, ok, i know, i’m biased. πŸ˜‰

    whatever your plans, if you know those would ultimately make you a much better person, go for it. after all, who are we to judge?

    pwedeng sumabit sa kokomo, este sa cuba? hihihi!

    • Awwwww. Really? Wag kasi mangbola. Lalaki lang ulo ko niyan e. XD

      That’s one of my best shots. You should see the other pics; I look horrible XD. I’m not photogenic, unfortunately.

      Sure. That is, if it does happen. I sincerely hope it does. It’s been a while since I’ve gone swimming, este, floating and standing. I forgot, I don’t know how to swim haha. Kawawa ako sa kanila, naku XD.

      • hmmm…you’re trying to be modest, are you? you’re not succeeding, btw. hahaha! atsaka di ako bolera no. i’m even brutally frank at times. hehehe. so that’s me being brutally frank.

        waaahhh! pareho tayo. i don’t swim, too. that’s why i got a good swimmer for a husband. hahahh!

  9. Aha, so that’s how they look like. I think I have read a lot of things about them from your LJ account before, I just can;t remember how you described who.

    Anyways, I know I can’t insult your taste in movies because you a bigger movie geek than I am but I can definitely insult your taste in music. Bwahahaha. It comes naturally to me too, see.

    Are you planning on coming back here sometime soon? We are planning on going on Puerto Galera this month, if you were here the trip will be perfect. Go save more money and once you come back we’ll plan a huge summer, whatever escapade.

    • They’re really only the ones I ever bond with now. I know, sad, but I’ve never been a people person even then and I couldn’t care less for the others here I used to call friends :P. Ooh, harsh.

      Awww, I wanna go too :(. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a resort. But even if I had the money to go back now, the invitation’s quite abrupt and I am not even ready for it haha. When I get back, promise me, guys, we’ll have an outing too, okay!??

      But for now, I’ll go for Cuba. It costs less :P.

      Then, I can just easily insult your taste in films. Hah! You’ve really got to be kidding when you say Toy Story 2 is your most favorite film. A sequel too! =O Hahaha. If I am misinformed about this appalling rumour, then forgive me :P.

      Lady GaGa is the best, yoh XD.

  10. I was not making you feel better when I said that, I mean, if that dint happen you wouldnt have the wisdom you have now and you could still be making the wrong choices, hence, it had its purposes. 26 hours akong gising kahapon pasensya na pinaghalong mutated dopamine at caffeine overdose na ‘to kaya ako napainggles. LOL

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