The Japanese creep me out.

April 30, 2010 at 11:13 am | Posted in Criticism | 29 Comments

This is not a racist statement. This is merely an observation, a criticism of the Japanese culture. And as usual, this is also just a generalization. It doesn’t apply to all of them.

I just can’t help but notice that most of the Japanese are a bunch of sick sad fucks. You’ll soon see my point.

Fantasizing of women being raped by monsters with tentacles? Women in nurse and maid outfits? Women in student uniforms? Grown women acting like little children? Women being groped by creeps in crowded subway trains? Women pretending to be raped or not to like sex? Sex with prepubescent girls (or boys)? Incest, bestiality and human bondage? That’s not sexual exploration. That’s just warped, my friends. Did anyone teach them passionate and intimate sex? When they told us we can spice things up in bed, they didn’t literally mean that it had to involve beasts, torture, underage children and rapists-cum-maniacs. The fuckos. And wait, there’s more. The men also seem to have strange fetishes for panties, sniffing and collecting them. Pathetic.

No wonder the Japanese men have no decent or good social relations and interactions with women there. It’s no wonder that misogyny is typical of their culture. It’s no wonder the Japanese are one of the least sexually active people in the world. They’re afraid of the actual thing itself. The actual sex doesn’t feel as sexually gratifying as their perverted sexual fantasies, and real women don’t live up to their unrealistic perceptions of them anymore.

Seriously, there must be a high rate of rape, murder, and pedophile cases in Japan. Of course, they can get away with featuring incest and pedophilia in their porn because they only show it in hentai (animation porn) and not actually using actual children or actual blood relatives. Does this make the fantasy less immoral and less indecent? Hell no. If the Japanese were to analyze and explain these countless criminal cases in their country, I wonder if they can even pinpoint it to the fact that it is due to those sick male fantasies and that this is somehow already ingrained in the Japanese mainstream (and possibly even its underground) culture. Prostitution is prevalent in their society. Their society is all about the women trying to please the men, serving them and fulfilling any of their fancies or whims. That’s what the geishas were also for back then, entertainment purposes for the wealthy males.

Of course, I’m not saying that the Japanese are only the perverted ones. Others are as well. Any sexual practice that involves real or simulated torture and debasing/degrading someone is perverse. But it’s just more evident in the Japanese culture, or at least we’re more exposed to American and Japanese culture and that’s what most of us tend to notice. I mean, duh, most adult women in Japan talk as if they haven’t even gone through puberty yet and act all innocent-like. It’s horrifying.

How do I know all this? 7-8 years of anime and hentai consumption. Yes, I know, I’ve been exposed to hentai myself but it’s obviously an unhealthy and nasty practice. And I’m just glad that I have almost entirely gotten rid of my anime obsession.



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  1. Japanese porn is just so kinky. I have only seen gay Jap porn and it was really sick and awful, and I won’t elaborate on it.

    • There’s a difference between kinky and fucked-up.

      I have also checked out some Japanese gay porn. It’s not arousing at all, haha. I haven’t seen any hardcore stuff with leather and all, only the light ones. I don’t like it when the porn actors are, um, not into it hahaha. It’s like they feel disgusted. That’s what happens when they’re gay-for-pay. And the porn stars don’t even look attractive at all.

      I wonder what did you see specifically in this thing you’re talking about. Is it really gross stuff?

      • i have seen one with candles, and leathers, and toys.. haha

  2. Alam mo ba yung video game na controversial, from Japan, na ang plot eh ikaw ang bidang batang lalake tapos maghahanap ka ng babae sa subway at irerape mo sya.

    Nabebenta sya sa stores sa Japan. Publicly. Dahil may konting censorship naman daw. Pero rape na laro? Excuse me?

    • That’s really fucked up.
      Oh yes, I forgot to mention how they censor their porn. What a bunch of hypocrites. As if censoring is going to make it less demoralizing.
      They have this sick fetish of groping women’s breasts in the subway train since trains in Japan are very crowded and cramped up especially during rush hours. It’s sick, I tell you.

      • This is infuriating (and this deserves a uber-long rant from me XD).
        The comments about the article are moronic. Just self-justifications, and people getting all defensive about having played the game. Even the news report is pretty silly, specially considering that this is CNN.
        I’m not that worried about kids getting their hands on these video games. That’s very unlikely to happen. I’m more worried that adults of supposedly sound mind are into this kind of stuff and are actually enjoying it.
        Sure, they may not act upon it, they may not actually attempt rape, but what happens to their relationships with women? What do they think about women then?
        It’s just like playing a game, say, where you have to go play a Nazi and kill some Jews with the most gruesome methods and saying that “this is just a game, that I won’t go kill Jews anytime sooner. Oh, shut up, it’s a part of our culture and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

      • Actually you should be worried that children could get their hands on these. Apparently, they are being sold publicly in Japan. They should expect more sexual offenders in the future.

  3. I thought Japan was considered one of the safest countries in the world?

    Anyway, can’t a lot of this strange behavior be attributed to Japan’s deeply ingrained work-culture? Boys are expected to study, study, study while in school so they can get great jobs. Once they graduate from college and get jobs, it’s all work, work, work. Where’s the time to develop healthy relationships with women?

    I’ve heard of the panty fetish before, which I personally think is kind of gross…but whatever? It’s a fetish. As long as no one is physically harmed, I could care less what people do to get themselves off. Anyway, apparently there are USED panty vending machines in the red-light district areas of Tokyo. I’ve never seen one, but that such a thing even exists is sort of mind-boggling and hilarious.

    • It is?
      Oh, what I said about Japan having high crime rates is just an assumption of mine. I wouldn’t know and I’m too lazy to do research. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.
      I don’t see how that relates to the way they think about sex. I’m guessing that kind of thinking (of work, work, work; of ambitiousness and all that) is applicable to most first-world countries and other countries as well but this is not the case in the other countries. I think the most obvious root of this is Japan’s patriarchal and misogynistic society.
      Used panty vending machines? Hahahahahahaha. Sorry, but even if this were to be a part of my own culture, I would find this absurd. Plain stupid. Is there really no limit to this?

      • Well, I guess maybe the extreme work ethic is my own bad assumption- couldn’t be bothered to look up anything either- but I always thought people in Eastern Asian countries (China, Korea, Japan) were considered to be even more hard-working than those in Western countries. Maybe that just comes from the stereotypes of Asian-Americans I’m familiar with.

  4. here’s a list of things I HATE about Japanese culture:

    1) cosplay shit (lahat ng sobra mali)

    2) heintai

    3) ok, not heintai. but their other crazy sex fetishes.

    4) Boybands/girlbands they produce

    • I find cosplaying so pathetic. It’s just an excuse so a bunch of hetero grown-ups can go play dress-up. 😛

      It’s hentai, not heintai. Haha, peace.

      Haha, why? You watch hentai as a pastime? Hahaha. Some of their hentai can be really fucked-up shit like tentacle sex, pedophilia, rape and groping. Stuff that would otherwise be condemned if it were live.

      Yeah, the guys in those boybands don’t even look hot/cute at all. They’re so pale-looking XD. No, seriously, I don’t know why women go crazy over this stuff. It’s not even good music.

      • ok, so its Hentai. Ill take it from the expert. lol.

        anyway, yeah majority of Hentai’s I’ve seen are pretty ‘imaginative’. Like giant penises with 6-8 women riding it like some fucking whale. Sick. But I’m a hetero guy – I can easily ignore those and focus on the good stuff. lol.

        re japanese (or Asian) boybands for that matter, yeah they’re pathetic. they look pale lesbians who just discovered the backstreet boys yesterday.

  5. I want to blame it on the japanese women din, kapag dito yan madami nang umangal, pero tahimik sila, ewan ko lang kung may ginagawa mga babae dun pero if there’s not a hero from the male specie who’ll stand up for them it should be themselves who are supposed to f*ck those sick male japanese brains out. Napadami yata ako ng kape napaseryoso mode ako, LOL. Patambay moi.

    • Aba, mas matino ka yata pag seryoso ka. Pagpatuloy mo lang yan.
      Oo nga, sila lang ang makakatulong sa sarili nila. At sa tingin ko, para mabago lang kahit kaunti ang society nila, kailangan nga magrevolution ng mga babae dun.
      Kaya lang e yun nga parang masyadong submissive yung mga babae dun at masyadong dinidiin sa kanila yung patriarchal values kaya mukhang di pa mangyayari yun.
      Teka, naintindihan mo ba pinagsasabi ko? Hehe.

  6. I always want to look at the beautiful, ang gusto ko sa japanese culture ngayon eh yung general theme ng mga animé’s na kapag may gusto ka ma-achieve eh use your heart to fuel those goals.
    Lagi ko din sinasabi na sa lahat ng bagay may mapupulot kang maganda, mabilisan lang kaya ito naisip ko: dun sa mga tarentadong games and videos na yan eh economically healthy ang film industry nila, LOL.

    • E naku, walang maganda na maidudulot yan kahit anong isipin mo haha. E malakas nga impluwensya ng film industry e. E di mas lalala pa sitwasyon.
      Ok, nahihirapan akong magTagalog sa yo ah. 😛

  7. Syet lang, ang tatalino ng nagkokoment dito. Minsan nahihiya akong magkoment. Pero gusto ang topic kaya eto na.

    Na-we-weirduhan din ako sa mga Jap hentai, pati anime. Isa lang nagustuhan ko sa mga anime na pinapanood ng mga kapatid ko, yung Full Metal Alchemist (2nd). Na-exposed din ako sa hentai, minsan kaderder, madalas naman okay. Ewan ko lang ba kung ako lang nakakapansin nito pero kalimitan ng Jap porn sa mga porn sites ay rape scene.

    • Pansin ko nga rin, madalas e roleplaying ng rape yung ginagawa nila, ayaw ng babae pero pinipilit pa rin ng lalake, sinasabi tama na pero tuloy pa rin naman si kumag.
      Ewan ko ba pero nakakaturn-on ba ‘to? Kailangan bang i-sira ng grabe-grabe yung katawan ng babae o ipahiya yung babae para lang maka-orgasm yung lalake?

  8. @salbehe
    huwag mo ko isasama sa mga matatalino kinikilabutan ako lalo pa’t hindi pa ‘ko naliligo. Akala ko nga nung una totoo yung mga rape videos na yun.

  9. I think it’s their culture. I find it enthralling, though. I mean, not the totally twisted parts. But that they could produce them, or even find them enjoyable, I find the subject really compelling. I wish I could study it. 🙂

    • I don’t find it fascinating, not even one bit. 😛
      But like I said, I guess it does stem from their old traditions and whatnot. The Japanese, unlike us and other Asian countries, do not adapt other people’s cultures especially the Western culture (which I find is good in its own way), and I think they really stick to some of their old traditions while slightly changing some of them for the modern and progressive world.
      It does come from how the women are taught only to serve men. As a feminist, I don’t like that.

  10. I’ve been searching for porn and found out a Japanese video with a certain fetish for candle wax drippings. IMAGINE.

    Tapos meron pa, hinahatak yung ilong through wires. I don’t really see the point of it but they think it’s kinky!

    • I don’t think that the practice of candle wax drippings is only unique to the Japanese. It’s common to what we call the sadomasochists. Even that wire thing.
      I’ve seen in a non-porn film a masochist getting his penis nailed with a hammer. Obviously, not a pleasant sight. But great film though :D.
      I don’t really know how they get to jerk off on such stuff since it doesn’t exactly show more flesh or anything like that.

  11. So you’re attacking the Japanese for being honest about them being sick sad fucks?

    • If you mean or imply “criticizing” when you say “attacking”, then yes.

      I think I am allowed to talk about something that I have observed in a specific culture that is different from mine. Hey, I even criticize the values and beliefs of my own cultures that I think are wrong, absurd, etc.

      Hopefully you read the whole thing to understand my intentions here. If you’re up for a debate here, then bring it on :P.

  12. I am a mild fan of the Japanese. And… let’s leave it at that. LOL.

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