I feel like Regina George after she found out she’s been eating fattening chocolates.

April 26, 2010 at 2:09 am | Posted in Angst | 27 Comments


I just feel like screaming the way Regina George did in Mean Girls once she found out that they’ve been giving her fattening chocolate bars and that Cady is interested in her ex-boyfriend. Oh yeah, life sucks for the oh-so-pretty Regina George. Poor her. Only my reasons for screaming are relatively less superficial than hers. I would put a screencap here of that epic scene where she screams, still with some chocolate stuck in her teeth, just to plainly express how I’m feeling right now, but I couldn’t find any in the Internet.

After going out and having a couple of drinks with the people I work with at McD’s (Yes, I know, ew, I have a McJob but hey it pays the bills for now and I just can’t seem to get my ass to find at least another part-time job), I just wanted to leave for a bunch of reasons. I just couldn’t handle it. I was ahead of them as we went towards the lower subway platform and I just couldn’t wait for the others who were still in the escalator that I just went straight through the train even though it was about to close its doors, leaving the rest behind. And I couldn’t bring myself to wave back to them; I just stared into space. The way they are, they probably were calling me names like bayot(?) and fag, cluelessly wondering why I decided to do that. But I just couldn’t care less.

I don’t regret it one bit because it was probably the best decision I’ve made the whole day. I won’t mention names. It makes the judgments I’m about to make about them much easier to express. Okay, first, Woman 1 tries to call her long-distance boyfriend in the Philippines just to ask for his permission to go out with friends. Uh, yeah. Wait, wait, I’m not done yet. And the douchebag-cum-boyfriend keeps questioning her if she’s with any guys, whether she’s drinking beer or not, etc. and they took more than an hour to talk about it. Um, what the fuck? First of all, there is such a thing called trust. Please. Jealousy is so 19th century. What’s next? Asking his permission just to go outside the house? Second, the woman’s too faithful to him that it’s beyond pathetic so he shouldn’t go worrying too much. Next, I would worry more about the guy cheating than the woman doing the same thing. Sorry, folks, but in general the men are the real sluts. Excuse my French. Men are the ones who really want it. Finally, the boyfriend has to stop bossing her around and the woman should start deciding for herself as well too. I just kept rolling my eyes while she was talking to him. Yeah, that relationship’s obviously not going to work on the long run.

Next, Woman 2 keeps telling us how great it feels to be single with having no commitments and just having a fling here and there and boys on the side. Yes, it’s great, the idea is great but if she keep talking about it over and over and over and over again, I might just shoot my head. “Oh, it’s great to be single. Don’t you think so?” “It’s a good thing I’m single; no commitments.” The more she keeps going on about it, the less convincing she sounds. I think being single is great when you can get to have more chances of finding the right one but she seems to be telling herself that instead of us, trying to either comfort or fool herself. Not to mention the pathetic attempts of Man 1 in flirting with her. I just had to turn my head away out of embarrassment for his sake.

Then, who gets drunk from Smirn-off and just a couple of Buddweisers? Uh, yeah, stop pretending you’re drunk. It’s obvious. I just had to get away from them when they started wailing, screaming, etc. at the sidewalks and in the subway. I think even drunks have more self-restraint than whatever they had. Next, all the time we were together, I think we only talked about sex, sex, work, and sex. I wouldn’t mind talking about sex but when you have to be so immature and misogynistic about it, no thanks. Sure, I laughed at a bunch of their jokes. I can be lurid when I want to but there’s a time when enough is enough. On contrary to popular opinion, I don’t always think about boys and cocks. We can talk about something else too, you know. Finally, how can you make such obscene comments when you’re in the middle of the gay community? Be respectful, folks. If you think you’re about to say something ignorant, keep it to yourself. You’re just beginning to support my presumption that you’re all air and no brains inside.

Wow, it feels good to release all that anger out. Now I shall go back to finishing the other half of the nine-hour film Shoah and getting me my mandatory beauty sleep.



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    Excuse my French.

    Ang dami ko talagang natututunan sa blog na ito. Hahahaha!

    • Pwede na ba kong guru? πŸ˜›
      Katulad ng alin? Haha.

  2. for woman1: you’re just wasting your precious time and money and effort on that oh so clingy boyfriend who’s probably screwing someone else in the Philippines, and he’s so guilty about it that he feels as if you’re the one cheating.

    for woman2: go tell it to yourself more and more until you come to realise that you’re fooling no one but your very own conceited self.

    oops, sorry. i just got carried away.

    • Absolutely agree with ya. That’s what I feel too, that the guy’s cheating on her behind the back. Men need pussy and/or cocks that badly :P. Especially if it’s a long-distance relationship and it’s been more than a year, I have a feeling that the guy would be looking for some.
      Eto naman si babae, ayaw makinig at in denial pag binabanggit ko to sa kanya. Naku, kakabwisit.

  3. oooh, i hate noisy, lousy drunks. i drink a lot too, but like you said, some drunks (like moi) have more self-restraint. i just flirt when i’m drunk. haha! πŸ™‚

    • I can imagine. Haha, peace :P.
      I’ve never been drunk before. I wonder how I would be if I got drunk especially since I’m pretty withdrawn and reserved in person, hahaha.
      But I think I can have more self-restraint even after drinking a lot.

  4. I can understand why the boyfriend is interrogating GIRLFRIEND1 that extensively. i mean, if I’m back here in the P.I. and my girlfriend is out there and she’s about to drink (and most likely, get drunk) with men I don’t personaly know, thats an issue and that’s a problem.

    Its just the respectable thing to do to your partner – to let him know and to discuss it with him first (at least) before you go out and have a booze party with other people (lalu na kung babae at may lalakeng kasama). At least let the other party have a say on the matter. He may not be able to stop her from going if she’s really salivating for some smirnoffs, but at least it was laid on the table for discussion.

    I think that conversation is reasonable.

    • Gawain mo ba to? XD Naku po. Peace.

      Maghanda-handa ka na sa aking napakahabang sermon para lang sa yo, Aperockstar. Bohahaha. What’s your (other) nickname anyway? Aperockstar’s so long XD.

      Okay, I’m no expert in relationships as I don’t have one, please don’t use this against me, but I know human behaviour. Okay? πŸ˜›

      The woman did try to call him before going but he wasn’t picking his phone up. Does she have to wait for his consent before going? Until he answers the phone before going? NO, that’s absurd. See, she doesn’t get suspicious as to why he wasn’t answering his cell while he goes whining and making a fuss about such a small thing.

      And she has a boyfriend, not a father. If she wanted someone else to set a time curfew and limits for her, to know everywhere she goes and everyone she goes with, she doesn’t need a boyfriend for that. Fathers are bad enough.

      Yes, letting the other person know is reasonable but if the guy has to make such a big deal about it since it’s already been done and I think the guy’s even prohibiting her from having any drinks(!!!!), I don’t think that’s reasonable. That’s asking for too much. People also need some freedom too, you know. He only finally gave her consent just when we were already done and about to leave. Yeah, just the way to ruin everything.

      And anything excessive is bad.

      Sorry, I’m still pissed off about the whole thing hehe.

      • man, I thought you already know me by ‘Ape’. So just go with that hehe…

        now on to the topic, so girlfriend1 was indeed calling boyfriend
        to make paalam..you didn’t mentioned it sa post. but if she did
        then case closed. if the guy wasnt able to answer her call – thats
        his problem. girlfriend1 can go by all means.

        but here’s another side to this: if girlfriend doesnt want anyone
        to set curfews for her – then she shoulda stayed single. its just
        how it is – when you’re in a relationship, you let the other person
        know whats up. you’re goin out with friends for some booze? cool, but being in a relationship/commitment means you have to let the other person know. because if you think you shouldn’t, then you have issues and you shouldn’t be in a commitment in the first place.

  5. Woman 1 does have some seminars to attend. Naligaw, nagbasa, sumigaw, umalis, babalik.

    • She’s pretty stubborn and in denial.
      Thanks for dropping by. I also took a visit at yours. Hope you do come back for more :P.

  6. hmmm… asking your boyfriend who’s thousands of miles away if you can go out with your friends. not! maryopes. ano yun, high school?

    and telling everybody it’s great to not have any commitment sure sounds so phony. tama ka, it’s like she’s convincing herself more that what she has is a great life, which in my opinion, reeks of hypocrisy and insecurity.

    So I can understand why you had to leave them. you were even too polite for doing so. If it were me, I’d probably have yelled at them and told them to go get a life. hahaha. but that’s just me talking…

    at di ko nga pala napanood ang mean girls. but my eldest has watched it a couple of times so maybe i’d ask her to tell me the story. hehe

    • Yes, and she’s even older than me. I think she should know better than that. But you know how people are when they say they’re in love. Nagbubulag-bulagan.
      The whole day we were together, she mentioned about being single probably once every 30 minutes hahahaha. XD It was so infuriating. But yeah she seems like she’s just convincing herself.
      They sure are going to ask me what happened to me and why did I suddenly decide to leave and go before them without even saying goodbye when we meet at work but I’ll just easily say “Nabadtrip ako sa inyo. Bakit ba?” πŸ˜› Hehehe.
      If you enjoy teen comedies, Mean Girls is the best of them all <3.

      • weh? now that makes her a total wimp. being in love is one thing, and being overly maarte is another. I think she fits in the second category.

        tama, tell them simply that their attitude is plain irritating. sometimes you have to be brutally frank to other people so they’d know how pathetic they are. haha, ang bad ko. I think mean girls is the movie for me. πŸ˜‰

        hmmm… i enjoy teen comedies also because I love watching those with my daughter who’s turning 13 this may. i’m a sucker for anything that would make me bond with her. ganun ata pag lumalaki na ang mga bata. they have their own lives and suddenly you’re left wondering where time has gone.

  7. Eto na ko hehe. Bumalik muna ko dito bago ko sinagot yung iniwan mong bakas sa crib. Mobile lang kaya di pa kita madagdag sa mga kawing ko pero soon. Presidente ba ng amerika yung bf at ganun ka-masunurin si gf???

    • Yung bum lang sa Pilipinas na tumatambay sa kung saan-saan kaya siguro mas takot pa siya sa kanyang bf hahaha. Mukhang basagulero pa. πŸ˜›
      Bakit may dragon, wolf at kung anu pang level para sa blogroll mo? Pano mo cinacategorize yun? Haha.

  8. Eriz, just this weekend, we were talking about you know who, and I was really surprised by the things I heard about him. I mean, we haven’t contacted each other for years, and my idea of him and sex really don’t mix. At least, it wouldn’t mix without my heart throbbing like hell. So yeah, I wanted to agree about how much men want the it you were talking about. But I am constantly reminded of how gory the scene would’ve been if I was there to see it.

    I don’t believe long distance relationships work. So yeah. There’s no sense being a baby about almost anything. Go get drunk, go out with your friends, never mind the across the world boyfriend. At least that’s what I would tell her.

    I can’t believe how much we’ve changed over the years. If you were like this when we were still in highschool, you would’ve raised the opinions of our one hell of a narrow minded schoolmates when it comes to gay people. And if I were this way back then, we would’ve kicked ass.

    Believe me, I hear rude remarks even from my friends and workmates. Sometimes they forget that I too, belong to the minority and oppressed group in the Philippines and it gets to me.

    • What did you exactly hear about him?
      You mean graphic, not gory, right? πŸ˜› Unless you plan to beat the hell out of him, I don’t think things are going to get that dirty.
      We were naive back in high school. Or at least I was in denial. It’s funny how Jeralyn, you and I pretended to like Kleveriz when deep down we all were after boys after all hahaha.
      And sometimes when they make rude comments, I am unable to defend myself or whatever minority group they’re making fun of. I think I should make a pact with myself that I shall say that I am gay whenever they make such a homophobic remark and that I shall also call on them by accusing them of being homophobic. Whaddya say about that? You do it as well. πŸ˜€

      • Hahaha. Let’s just say people here wouldn’t be as accepting as the people there when I start telling everyone that every time. But seriously, they make me want to slap them.

        Kleveriz? BWAHAHAHAHA. Shaks naalala ko bigla nakakahiya hahahahaha.

    • sorry na, couldn’t help but notice…so you guys have known each other since time immemorial pala? how nice. and you both write so nicely. wala lang. just had to say it. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah.

        Even though JC might not accept it, yes, we were classmates back in high school and friends until now.

        But he has the sense of humor, unfortunately :P.

        Too bad, we’re the only ones among our group who still keep blogging.

      • And I have the fabulousness too. :p

      • Excuse me, you don’t even use the word “fabulous”.

        Stop stealing the title that’s rightfully mine :P.

      • haha! ok ok, you’re both fabulous. no need to argue about that. πŸ™‚

  9. An entry which begins with a Mean Girls reference is an automatic win for me. :p LOL. I think I may have memorized that movie. I miss the old Lohan.

    Anyway, on to your story. You know, I noticed that “gay” remarks that are offensive are only made by unlearned or uneducated people. Whenever I am with more sensitive, or more “worldly” friends, they seem to know where to draw the line in their jokes. However, I also have friends who are not as…open, and they are usually the ones who make stupid comments in my presence. Usually, I shut them up with just one look.

    I miss being single, but only because being in a relationship is so much work.


    I am not myself. Hahah. I’m sorry.

    • I shall always apply my Mean Girls wisdom to daily life XD.

      Uh, yeah, that’s weird since we always hear the homophobic slurs in high school or amongst high schoolers. Uneducated, indeed :P. It’s only usually when they get to college that they become… less ignorant.

      I know, sometimes the ones who are more awkward about it and don’t want to talk about it are the ones who would come up with the most moronic comments you’ll ever hear. And I feel so bad for just keeping quiet sometimes instead of telling them what’s what.

      Wushu. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much :P.

  10. Perfectly, perfectly understandable. Stupidity in those who should know better must never be tolerated. Leaving is cathartic, no? πŸ˜‰

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