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April 17, 2010 at 12:04 am | Posted in Self-importance | 26 Comments

Take it from the one who has gone through five or more blogs over six years before this one. And I must say that back then I wasn’t really satisfied at my writing style as well as the content. My old blogs were seriously shitty that I just had to delete them all after moving to the next one. I don’t like leaving unpleasant traces of myself. I don’t want any tangible reminders; they’re pretty vivid inside my head and that’s quite enough. Now, I’m pretty pleased at the way I write. It’s more me.

  • You’re not writing in a personal diary, numbskull. Diary, journal, scrapbook, whatever. You need to address your posts as if you’re communicating to someone else because you do have an audience. If you wanted a private blog, then just keep it private or, better yet, go back to writing in your little precious diary. Please don’t write, assuming that we are supposed to know everything about your life. Sometimes, we do need some explanations and clarifications. Sometimes, it’s just obscure that you might as well be speaking in alien tongue.
  • Stick to one language, show-off. There’s nothing more annoying than trying-hard people and wannabes. Seriously. Don’t go switching back and forth from Tagalog to English; it makes me dizzy, please. Sure, if you can’t seem to express something in whatever language you use,  then just pop up a few phrases and sentences and put them in italics. Use the language which you’re most comfortable with.
  • Okay, we get it. So you’re quite fluent in the English language, Tagalog dialect or whatever. You don’t have to rub it in.
  • Break your post into short paragraphs, especially if it’s a long one. This one really bugs me. Were you not taught how to write essays in high school? Did your precious English teacher forget to mention to you to always pause whenever you feel it is right? Uber-long paragraphs and a lot of run-on sentences will bore your blog readers. Write in point-form, if you must. It makes it easier for the readers as well.
  • Read, not skim, your fellow bloggers’ posts if you plan to comment on them. Or at least, try to make it sound as if you actually read the whole thing because it’s quite annoying. I can tell since there are usually misunderstandings and people easily take offence at what I write without even finishing the whole fucking thing. Sometimes, they’ll just comment only based on what the title is. You’re not fooling anybody. If you expect me to read your posts, please read mine properly as well. It’s the courteous and respectful thing to do here.
  • Be yourself. No point in trying to impress others. Just express yourself. This is not a beauty contest. You’re not required to say “world peace” when they ask you what your wish would be if they were to grant you one because that’s a whole load of crap.
  • Just let your thoughts flow. Don’t be too uptight. Don’t try to follow a specific format. Just write whatever you want to express. Within your own limits, of course. We all know that we never share everything about ourselves. Now that’s what a personal diary would be more useful for.


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  1. I don’t have a problem with people who write in both English and Filipino. I do that too. The thing is, there are some entries that you can express better in Filipino, especially when you want to express the message to some people who, let’s just say, may have a hard time understanding your point completely if you write it in English.

    What annoys me most are people WhO TyPE LiKE ThIs. They annoy me to death. Seriously, I see them type like that and they will never see me again in their homepages. Unless maybe, if I am interested with them as hell, but that’s unlikely if they type like that.

    And you should have put spaces between the bullets. They look cramped up. Hehe.

    There are a lot of people who write comments without reading entries. Get used to them. You don’t really have to deal with them for that long because they are the ones who would most likely end up closing their blogs out after a while. One big part of writing is reading what other people have to write. If you don’t enjoy doing that, you’d be giving up soon.

    Personally, I do not write comments if I haven’t read the entry. I would skip and wait for the next one and see if I get interested enough to read it. Pero kapag may first parts na interesting tapos sa huli hindi na, yung first part lang rereakan ko.

    • Oh, I meant switching back and forth from one language/dialect to another in one post. It’s annoying. I never liked conyos. The trying-hards.
      Yeah, I’m too awesome for those people who write that way that they don’t even deserve a mention in this post :P. Most of them have pretty empty heads so there’s really no need telling them about it.
      Ok, fine, fine, I’ll arrange it just for you. 😉 😛 Haha.
      Yeah, just the way you didn’t comment on my previous post haha.

      • And I thought you wouldn’t notice. Hahaha. I haven’t been able to do a lot of bloghopping lately. I even skip logging in on my blog sometimes because I am always tired from work.

  2. Chris, I would like to shake your hand and thank you for posting this for every numbnuts to read. There are a lot of bloggers out there who badly needed a wake-up call.

    add to your list: the so called bloggers who doesnt really blog but just copy and paste articles that they stumbled on. I mean, whats the point?!


    • It would be actually better if they added some insightful opinions to the article. But they don’t. Instead they write something like “Wtf?” and “Oh my fucking gosh.” @_@

      I say, blogging should be exclusive to just awesome people like us, right? XD

      • oh my goodness! that’s some telepathic shit Chris! you read
        my mind! and the worst offense of these ‘bloggers’? they don’t even credit the author of the article.

  3. :c

    This saddens me, but only because I know I sound conyo sometimes and have been told by some people that. But this is only because I have a hard time with Tagalog and nothing else. I hope t we can still be blog buddies. :p

    • Didn’t you grow up your whole life in the Philippines? How come you’re not used to Tagalog?
      Hmm.. you might just even be better than me at speaking English. 6 years here and I still suck at the language, orally.
      Oh, I HATE conyos. They’re along the ranks of yuppies and social climbers.
      But if you’re one, I might just make an exception 😛 XD hahaha.

      • he’s from Cebu man. He probably can speak better chabacano than tagalog. right slaveboi? 🙂

      • Oh, sorry, I had no clue. I guess the trip to Bohol should have been a hint enough. D’oh. Hahaha.

  4. true! you’d really feel it when the reader did not read the whole thing, commenting just on the gist of the entry.

    oh, you have deleted your previous blogs. i would be so curious to read them pa naman =)

    • I am honestly ashamed of my previous blogs. of what I have written back then. I was a mega-dork. Now I am an awesome dork. Wait, I still have my LJ but that’s been long forgotten.
      But I have a feeling that I’ll keep this blog :D.

      • you should keep this blog.
        one of the first things i do when i’m online is blog-hop, and yours is one of the first ones i visit.

        i learn a lot from writers like you.

  5. i found your LJ!!! =)

    • Which one? Hahaha. 😛 You stalker.

      • the chessboard pawn, the one with the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind profile pic. hehe =)

      • Oh my gosh, how were you able to find that one? =O I will never be able to figure that out.

        But like I said, I try to forget the damn thing even existed, haha, although I did have some of my moments back then XD.

  6. Shux. My current blog is a representation of myself-no holds barred whatsoever. I could be mean or a shitty bitch at one point, or a helpless mother in the next post. I confess I keep it like a diary but I guess that part is something that I still want to keep-I still write for my own consumption and any comment, and anyone who dropped by is something more than what my heart desired.

    • Hey, I can be obnoxious, whiny and cocky (sometimes even at the same time) but even though you write about your personal thoughts, I think one must write it as if one were, let’s say, writing a novel. But hey, that’s what I just advise.

  7. hmmm…I blog mostly as a means of escape from the so-called corporate jungle. I write for a living (corp comm–that’s me, alright) and knowing that what i do is practically ghost writing for the company VIPs, blogging affords me the escape I need because here I talk about myself, my family, loved ones and friends, and occasionally, my frustrations…so it’s really sort of a diary/journal, which i don’t mind sharing with others.

    And because I assume that my readers would do some backreading in order to understand what I write (because giving background info–like who this and that is in my life, everytime I write a new post would sound silly especially to my blogger friends–read: regular readers, then i don’t anymore try to write lengthily about certain people I mention a lot in my other blog posts.

    and you’re so right about some people who drop by, skim the articles and then say things that aren’t even remotely connected to what you just said. I think that’s downright rude. I only post comments after reading the whole thing, and I only read blog posts of people who interest me. Usually, the first few paragraphs are already indications of whether the person has depth when it comes to writing.

    anyway, I didn’t quite understand what you meant with this line: Okay, we get it. So you’re quite fluent in the English language, Tagalog dialect or whatever. You don’t have to rub it in.– what did you mean by that? if one is fluent in english, or tagalog, for that matter, isn’t it just right that he/she write in that particular language?

    I’m quite lucky, though, to say that the blog sites I frequent contain posts/articles that really express who the author really is, and those have become good friends, albeit virtual friends. (I’ve only met three in person during my recent birthday. hehe)

    so…since I wrote a lengthy comment here, it also means that I am truly interested in what you have to say. 😉

    good one, and i must say you really write well.

    • hey, I did try to space my paragraphs but they didn’t turn out right…wonder what’s wrong?

      • But I just think your tone has to be as if you’re talking to someone else, conversing with them no matter what the intentions of your blog are for.

        When I think they didn’t read the whole thing, I just don’t bother replying or at least I make a sarcastic/mocking comment XD.

        Oh, what I meant when I wrote that line was that they don’t have to impress other people too much with their rich vocabularies (to the point of the readers not understanding what the heck the person’s talking about) when it’s unnecessary.

        Yeah, in the comments section for this layout, the paragraphs can’t be breaked. I know, it sucks. But I don’t want to change the layout though. It suits me fine.

        Thanks for commenting, btw.

      • hmmm… one rule writers should always consider, really, is that they are writing with the intention of having that piece read by someone else so there really is no reason one should use hard-to-understand words. the simpler, the better because you don’t want your readers consulting the dictionary everytime they read something you wrote. hehe.

        thanks for dropping by my site, too. at salamat din sa pagbabasa 🙂

  8. I have to agree with most of your, uh, tips. Hehe. Especially the one about writing for an audience and the one about leaving nonsense comments. A number of bloggers are truly guilty of claiming they write for themselves–and for themselves alone. Utter rubbish. Except when writing on an old-fashioned personal diary, words are meant to be read by someone else.

    I have to disagree, though, with the bit about writing in both English and Filipino. Not just because I do it myself, but I honestly believe there are things that are better written in a second language, while there are also things that lose their urgency if they are not written in the native tongue. But that’s just me. 🙂

    • What I meant when I said “stick to one language/dialect” is that people should stop switching back and forth from one language to another between sentences. If you want to use English in one post and Tagalog in another, that’s fine. But there should be consistency in one post.

      Ok, if I do something like this:
      “There’s nothing more annoying than mga piling at mga trying-hard. Sa totoo lang. Don’t go switching back and forth from Tagalog to English; nakakahilo, promise”
      Wouldn’t you be annoyed yourself? XD

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