The Green Ray

April 12, 2010 at 3:07 pm | Posted in Doki Doki | 9 Comments

To those who aren’t familiar with this phenomena, this green ray, green flash, apparently can only be seen by the human eyes, momentarily, for only a second or two, before sunrise or after sunset. It is always at the tip of the sun. It can only be visible at clear horizons, preferably from ocean views. And I guess, the day must also be clear without any fog or clouds obstructing the view. If you want to get all scientific and know more about it, look it up. That’s what Google is for. And no matter how many people say Wikipedia is unreliable, it’s pretty useful for easy and quick information.

And how do I know and where the fuck did I learn about this green ray? From the movies, of course. That’s basically where all my basic knowledge about life and all that comes from, haha. I learned about this green flash specifically from the film, The Green Ray. Duh. The film’s also, like, one of my favorite films of all time. By all time, I mean all time (cinematic-wise, that would be from the 1890s to the present) . And apparently, this phenomena is also a major theme in a French novel named, yes you’ve guessed it, The Green Ray which the film refers to during the conversation overheard by the heroine that will lead to her eventual decision to search for the green ray.

And before I die (hopefully not anytime sooner) even if it means going to the ends of the earth, I plan to see it among other things. I want to see the northern lights as well. Boy, that must be a pretty romantic sight to behold. And I expect that I’ll cry my heart out after viewing such an extraordinary sight. It’d be too overwhelming not to cry. Heck, I might even cry before seeing these out of my overexcitement and anticipation.

And one of my reasons for planning to see it is due to how the film romanticizes the whole phenomena, that the characters in the film seem to believe that upon seeing the green ray one would be able to completely understand one’s own feelings as well as others’. That we’d gain heightened perception of things. I’m not superstitious but I tend to romanticize a lot of things. Maybe, my plan to see this green ray is more of the journey to one’s self, my search for something that would be able to clarify everything or make such a life-changing experience for me, my desire to see something out-of-this-world, something grand and of other worldly proportions. Something beneath my grasp, okay, okay, I think you already got the point by now.

And it doesn’t help that I can actually relate to the heroine of the film. She must be my film counterpart. She wallows in self-pity and is depressed about the way things are in her life. The people around her don’t seem to get her, and she seems bored of her life. She is advised by her friends to go out there and meet more people to finally find the man of her life.

At the climactic point, she does encounter a complete stranger who’s a cutie. They just so happen to meet at the station and, risking everything, both of them just suddenly feel the urge to talk to each other. They don’t bump into each other, nothing like that. They just decide to talk to each other and sooner or later they feel this connection between them. Then when everything isn’t that certain, they go walk by the ocean as they wish to see the green ray. And right before the sun finally sets, they get to momentarily see the green ray to their utmost joy. A moment of triumph and hope for the both of them. I just want to have that as well.



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  1. Ive had my share of sob moments by the bay and I’ve never seen this. Ever. Never. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the sun. But this is solid information Chris, I’ll make a mental note of this for future sob moments by the bay. 😛

    • Sob moments? XD

      I don’t think it’s something that always occurs. I guess you have to watch out for it very closely.

      I have never actually watched the sun either rise or set before. Too “busy”, I guess. Yeah, right. But still, I want to see this phenomena. I’d like to think it will be a life-altering experience :D.

  2. i wish you’d catch that green ray, and finally have that life-changing moment we’ve all been waiting for. and like the film’s heroine, i hope you’d have that cutie also who’ll share with you that one experience of the grand kind =)

    • Thanks :D. Maybe I would actually have better chances of seeing this green ray if I did watch sunsets/sunrises quite often. Haha. But I live nowhere near plain horizons like lakes. Plus, I have to gain the patience for it as well.
      Like the heroine, maybe I also have to try new things, have the guts to go meet new people, and take risks.

  3. I think the search for our strangest dreams often coincides with the search for someone we could share those dreams with. 🙂

    • Well-said, well-said. It just brings the romantic side in me, and I’m a cynic/realist. Gosh.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Hahaha. That’s longer than the “aw” you gave me. 😉

    Was it difficult, writing this? Haha. I’m guessing not, because at the beginning, I could still sense the, er, “fierce” you. But the latter part was sweet.

    Anyway, finding the perfect guy doesn’t have to be like a scene in a movie. It might surprise you, how he comes along. 😉 I’m really hoping it happens soon, though. I figure, there’d be more posts like this if it does.

    • What fierce? I thought this one was pretty tame, haha.
      What I liked about the encounter in The Green Ray is that they don’t accidentally bump to each other or happen to meet under quite extraordinary circumstances the way they do in Hollywood. They just took the chance and talked to each other. It seemed realistic enough.
      Thanks ;). But the ways things are going, don’t expect it to be anytime sooner. I’ll give it a year or two, I hope. I have my fingers crossed. Haha.
      Hey, I can be sweet too!? XD

      • Good, good. I won’t say “You’re young! You’ve got time!” because you’ll probably have me decapitated. :p

        And yes, I think you’ve got a core of twee somewhere, albeit hidden under layers and layers of fierceness. :p

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