Planet Earth in the eyes of an alien

April 8, 2010 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Epic | 11 Comments

Let’s just pretend that I am talking in alien tongue, instead of in the English language, using much more sophisticated and complicated terms as even though I am a fan of a few sci-fi films and series, I am not familiar with sci-fi jargon. I have my own unique form of geektalk :P.

Of all the worlds I’ve been to, this one sets the record. It’s absolutely the worst. The human species also seem to have this far-fetched idea that they’re the dominant species, especially the ones they refer to as the “white straight males”. Ridiculous. Hah, the way things are going in their planet, they might as well devolve back to apes. Apes seem to have a more refined civilization.

Their history is, at best, uninteresting and, at worst, completely morbid. Repression, slavery, corruption, sodomy, you name it. And the worst part is, human history keeps repeating itself. These humans just never seem to learn. Basically, their whole history could be easily summed up to one person or group dominating and inflicting suffering and pain on another.

Even the most natural thing in the world, sex, seems to be used more on dominating, abusing, punishing, inflicting extreme pain on the other. Humans seem to have all these sick fantasies. I’m all for experimentation and trying new sex positions but since when did torture, punishment, and inflicting pain become sensual? Isn’t sex a union between two people, something sensual and passionate? Isn’t the ultimate goal here to fulfill the desires of the other person, to help the other one reach her or his orgasm, that blissful state?

I can’t seem to understand the reasoning of the human species. It’s not that they’re mysterious. It’s just that they’re illogical and, well, stupid. When one kills someone else in their so-called society, one goes to jail or at least becomes an outlaw. One is condemned. But when one kills another in the battlefield, even if it’s killing them by larger numbers, one is actually awarded, given a medal, for their patriotism, for serving their country. And they even fight for the most trivial matters.

And there’s this box they keep staring at like a bunch of drones. Their term for it apparently is TV, a television set. But some of them rightly call it the idiot box. They don’t learn anything from it. Their brain processes would be more active if they were staring at a blank wall instead. One-third of the time, it’s just a bunch of advertisements anyway. This is probably the cause of their idiocy, short attention spans and incapability to differentiate the truth from what’s not.

I’m getting the fuck out of here.



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  1. woah! reality bites.

    what’s astounding about this, is that you wrote it with such wit and brutal honesty.

    • Thanks, I try my best.
      But it seems like the others don’t feel the same. Probably because of my comments about the idiot box, bohahaha.
      Or I guess there isn’t much to comment about…

      • i do agree to some extent about that idiot box. sometimes, it feels like these 2 biggest networks in the country has been exploiting the minds of the people, particularly the young ones. i just couldn’t explain further how or why. hehe. just an sketchy opinion.

        for me, this by far is my most favorite read from you. =)

  2. “I’m all for experimentation and trying new sex positions but since when did torture, punishment, and inflicting pain become sensual?”

    An alien who has a sense of adventure! LOL.

    New here. Bloghopped from someone’s page. πŸ™‚

    • Oops, I must have written this, using my own point of view, not the alien’s. Hahaha XD.
      But yeah, aliens are pretty versatile, you know? Hehe.
      Thanks, will drop by your blog when I get the chance later.

  3. In a world filled with Christians, slavery, oppression, and corruption pretty much are the bases of the society. White straight males are the least of your problems. πŸ˜›

    Heeeeey! The idiot box turned a lot of idiots into awesome idiots! Look at all those reality TV stars we now have! Haha.

    • I guess when they called the TV the idiot box, they were specifically referring to the TV viewers as the idiots :P. Hey, I know, I watch TV myself, I can’t help it sometimes, and I tune in for The Office as well. But you’ve got to admit that TV pretty much makes the masses stupid, manipulates their perceptions and views on things, and, you know, continues on and on with their stereotypes and cliches.
      To prove this, there’s your favorite show, Glee XD. Ew. I know it’s a comedy but instead of mocking and making fun of the stereotypes, they literally reinforce them and consider them as the natural way of things.

  4. Well, if that alien only stayed longer, he would have seen that there was more to the planet than just violence and greed and total EVIL. True, they exist and are prevalent, but their existence does not nullify the fact that beauty, and love, and other wonderful things actually occur in the planet. If I can say something to that alien, it would be to not give up so easily. πŸ˜‰

    • This “alien” won’t give up easily. He is still young, in alien standards. He has not experienced a lot of joyful or overwhelming moments in his lifetime but he still can appreciate the little things in life so he’s still hanging there.

      He knows that there’s no total evil in this world but maybe, the way things are going in his life, he can only see negativity.

      Yeah, I do the speaking for him :P.

      • I’m guessing you have a personal connection with that alien huh? πŸ˜‰ Well, tell him that even if things don’t make a turn for the better, to hang in there and wait it out. ^^

      • Will definitely send the message to the “alien”. Haha.

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