Prepare yourself for the greatest film of all time.

March 31, 2010 at 10:30 am | Posted in Cinema | 17 Comments

Nope, it’s not Casablanca or Citizen Kane. For all I care, Citizen Kane can suck my dick then Imma pound the shit out of The Godfather. You need to watch more films before you can go giving that title to anything, really. Nope, it’s not even from the US of A. Fuck their solipsistic xenophobia and ethnocentrism. There are also other films outside America, dammit. It’s from Japan!


I know, I know. I hate it when people list their greatest films of all time, they’ll just list only films from the 1990s and 2000s. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that the world started during the 1990s. Cinema has been here since the 1890s, cunt. Just say, it’s a list of your favorite films; please don’t use the phrase “of all time”. It just shows how little you know. But I am of course exaggerating when I say Hausu is the greatest film of all time. There isn’t a single best film of all time. There are a lot of greatest films of all time, and we should also put personal preferences and biases into consideration.

Prepare yourselves for the brilliance that is Hausu!

I mean, duh, it has just about everything you need and expect from a film. Fun. Fun. Camp. And fun.

Caricatured characters, and the masterful mocking of these cliches and stereotypes. Martial arts. Melodrama. Horror. Epic. Even a bit of animation and western. Blood-spurting cats. Flesh-eating pianos. Dancing skeletons. Laughing heads. An argument about which is better: watermelons or bananas. I say, it’s watermelons but please don’t go all Freud on me.

I am about to cry at the sheer beauty of all this.

It makes fun of the genre conventions, especially of the horror/giallo genre. You can compare it, if you please, to Dario Argento films, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Japanese pinku films, and other films of the kind but there’s really nothing like this, trust me. And I can even describe it with a bunch of adjectives like psychedelic, ludicrous, colorful, silly and delightful but the feeling while you watch this is practically indescribable so just go ahead and watch it right now instead of reading this until the end. This is anime gone live and haywire.

This is pure bliss.

And this is all in the fast pacing of a TV show. Now, stop watching those mind-numbing music videos and reality TV shows. You got all the entertainment you need right here. Where else do you need to go to for laughs and silly entertainment? Just watch Hausu.



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  1. hmm. sounds interesting. I don’t need to be high on meth to be able to understand this, ryt?

    • No, but I believe that this is one of those films that would be way better if viewed while on acid or something like that. Too bad, I haven’t tried any of that shit XD.

      I think this film’s streaming somewhere online (I downloaded it). It’s probably not of the best quality but if you’re interested or if you’re high on something and want to have psychedelic fun, I’ll be glad to give the link.

  2. oh my!!! it’s soooo creepy!

    • What!?
      Trust me, it’s not horrifying at all. By the looks of the trailer, you can tell that it’s nothing but silly.

  3. btw, i linked you up. i find your blog so amusing that I took time to read some of your older posts.

    anyway, the trailer really gave me the creeps. yeah, with that blood-spurting cat and flesh-eating piano. whew!

    • Thanks. I added you in my blogroll as well.
      With the old special effects and the comedic feel to all of it, it’s more of something that you’re not supposed to take seriously. It was, like, the best two hours of my life, but then again I don’t get out too much so yeah haha XD.

      • hahahaha! now i get it.

        PS: i just cant get that laughing head off me!

  4. Wow. I had to check if my movie post said ‘favorite films’ or ‘greatest films’. You little watermelon fetished monster, you. Haha.

    Anyways, I have no time for movies anymore. I mean, I just bought cycles 1-9 of ANTM and that would take me about weeks to finish everything. So I don’t think I can watch this film. And I don’t think I will ever find a copy if I would have the time to anyways. So.. enjoy your geekiness. Lol.

    • Yea, you’d think I’d prefer bananas over watermelons, huh? XD

      Hahaha, I’m cocky like that. Good thing, you put favorites or I’d rant some more :P.

      It’s available online so you don’t have to find it anyways. And I don’t think you can find a pirated version of it there since it’s not that widely distributed. It was also only released in DVD in the UK until now. Ooops, it’s the geek in me talking.

  5. This got me so confused. I mean, you’re writing about it like it’s a major win film but looking at the images make me think otherwise.

    But maybe still, I’ma go find it.

    • Oh, it’s a “major win” film.
      A great film doesn’t have to be sophisticated and grand, with a big budget. It just has to be something you personally love.
      The link for the film is up above here in the comments section.

  6. I like weird. I like horror. I like camp.

    This wins.

    Will check it out. :p

    (of course, I am also doing this because of fear that you might cut my head off if I don’t. LOL. I’m kidding. I think.) :p

    I missed your, er, passionate posts. ^^

    • If I have to, I would have to shake the heck out of you until you have enough sense to watch the film :P. When you gain your consciousness, I shall lead you to the link above at the comments section. I think you’ll fucking love it ;).

      Do you mean my opinionated posts? 😛 They’ll come back whenever I get into wearing my thinking cap.

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