The Church, guilty as charged.

March 2, 2010 at 6:38 am | Posted in Propaganda | 7 Comments

Do you know that corporations are considered entities? Oh sorry, legal entities. Whatever a-chu-chu. They have rights and obligations. And they are governed by laws. That’s scary, don’t you think so? A corporation isn’t even animate. You can’t even literally touch or feel it. A building, you can. But a corporation, you can’t. Society has regarded corporations as entities for businesses’ own selfish interests and agendas.

But if that’s the way things go in our capitalistic society, I thereby propose that religious and political institutions be legal entities as well. This way, they have no escape from laws and it will limit their power in society. Then again, that never stopped corporations from, you know, doing the cruelest deeds that one can inflict on others. Oh, just privatizing everything, taking advantage of cheap labour in third-world countries to maximize profits, and owning everything in this world (except the air we breathe) to name a few. Next time we’ll be paying just to take a piss-and-shit. Oh wait, we already are at some places.

The way I propose it, the laws for religious institutions will be similar to the format of the Ten Commandments, that is for individuals. Ten general rules that you must follow. Instead of saying the Church will go to hell if it doesn’t follow these laws, it will just fail to exist. It will no longer be considered an institution.

Okay just to get things straight before anything, despite my doubts of the Christian faith and the fact that I have decided not to practice any kind of religion (unless, I guess, I find my true calling which is highly unlikely), I am not condemning or disrespecting the Supreme Being. I do not blaspheme, out of respect for the Supreme Being and others. I am just criticizing the religious institution itself. I’m pretty sure that wherever/whatever She is, God has a sense of humour.

1. The Church shall not be in control or govern any nation, province, state, or city. We have the government for that, thank you. The way the Church has a tight grip on a country such as the Philippines even up to this age, it might as well be the Philippines’ new government. Arroyo might as well be the Church’s puppet.

2. The Church will not shove its own political propaganda down other people’s throats. Anything it has to say about same-sex marriage, the traditional roles of women and men, the sanctity of marriage (They basically ruined the institution of marriage with annulments), etc. it must keep it to itself. That is so 1930s. You were supposed to talk about the word of God, not about your own. Don’t take preaching too literally. If the Church still plans to talk about its political beliefs, it must create a blog. Like me. That way, it can reach out to people who actually care to listen. That way, it won’t discourage other people who don’t like the Church’s conservatism from practicing or converting to the Christian faith.

3. The Church must not dismiss other people’s beliefs as invalid or unacceptable. It must learn to tolerate. There is a difference between stubbornness and strong faith. It must accept that none of us knows the absolute truth (of where we really came from, how we were actually created, etc.). It must learn that the possibilities are limitless. It doesn’t seem to like the idea that maybe we did come from apes.

4. The Church must not try so hard to appeal to the younger generations. It must not try so hard to be “hip” because it isn’t working. It shouldn’t stoop down so low just to reach out to younger people. As unbelievable as it may seem, the younger generation is not that stupid. The Church should still try to maintain its reputation as the sexually repressed institution that it really is.

5. The Church must not just stand by and remain passive or neutral when push comes to shove. Instead of going with the flow, it must do something and show that something’s not right with the way things are going. During the Holocaust, the Church in general decided to remain passive as if it was tolerable or as if it wasn’t actually happening. The Church usually tends to support and agree with its nation’s political sensibilities. See film Hearts and Minds as nuns try to convince the kids that what their fathers are doing in Vietnam, killing people and destroying villages with nuclear weapons, is right for the humankind and America. Oh yes, God bless America. Yankee pigs.

6. The Church will not involve itself in any activity that involves the oppression, degradation, suffering, control, and torture of people. It must not involve itself in conquering nations, dominating its people, using its resources and killing people in the process out of patriotism and utmost devotion for its country.

7. The Church will not regard anything that is beyond the traditional marriage, typical roles of women and men and mundane sex as abnormal and unnatural. It should know that there is no such thing as normal. There is such a thing as plain though. It must be aware that women and men are equal in our society as well as in the eyes of God. The reinforced dominant roles of men and passive and submissive roles of women are no more, misogynistic pigs. And it must not think of sex as something perverse or dirty.

8. The Church must not censor and ban things that it does not like. There is what we call freedom of expression. The Church’s power must not be abused, and censorship and banning are beyond the power it holds in society. People have minds of their own, or at least that’s what I want to believe. They know what’s right from what’s not. They won’t go doing all they see from the screen at the streets or at the comforts of their homes. If a film shows any form of graphic sex and violence, it doesn’t usually mean that the film is promoting or encouraging these acts. Better try to put things into perspective before making such a fuss about it.

9. The Church must learn to be tolerant and acceptable of other religions. Again, it seems to have this illusion that it is right and anything else that is different from or contradicts its beliefs and ideas is not. Any negative statements or any disapproval or disregard of another religion will be frowned upon. Sure, people are entitled to their own opinions but badmouthing is such a childish thing to do and a powerful member of the Church who is saying something negative about another religion surely doesn’t want to be a representative of the Church as a whole. This will ruin the Church’s reputation.

10. The Church must not abuse its power. The gullible faithful people have put their faith and trust on the institution. One must not take advantage of that. People are vulnerable to influence and power.



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  1. I also share some of your views..kaya wala akong bilib sa Church, particularly sa Catholic dahil marami talaga silang sablay.. 😐 kaya naman ang mga taong nakapailalim din sa kanila, walang ding naiintindihan..tayo nga ang “The Only Christian Nation in the Far East,” pero ano? wala din? Third World Country pa din tayo.. ‘Di relihiyon ang lunas sa paghihirap ng Pilipinas dahil ilang beses na rin silang naging kanser at problema ng bansa..EDSA1, EDSA2, what brought?

    at sana, bago sila manghimasok sa mga usapin at problemang labas sa kanila, yung mga issue muna nila ang dapat nilang ayusin.. yun lang 😐

    • Tama, tama :D.

      But I believe the Philippines would only progess if it stopped depending on the US, as well as other powerful nations and organizations like the Church because those powerful people are like vampires who suck on us to cling to our dependence and our resources. So when they feel like they need help, they’ll come to us and order us to help them since we owe them.

      The Church always has something to say with every issue that there is. Too bad, I don’t share their conservative views so I don’t really feel any empathy.

  2. hmmm. you can’t do anything to the ideology created by the church. see how they made FAITH the greatest value of all and the bible the reference of truth? i think this is the problem why the Philippines isn’t progressing. we are too religious and understand justice by divine intervention.. god is up there as a force, but not as someone to be worshipped in veil. we need scientific revolution to throw the false teachings of the church. i wish we had a savior like Galileo.

    • Whenever I think of over-religious people, I think of my grandmother. How she always go to Church with her other friends and how they gossip about other people. πŸ˜› =O I know that’s such a stereotype and kind of disrespectful of me but that’s how they are. She’ll usually be on the phone for hours talking about other people.

      I think there should be a balance between religion and science :D. I mean, imagine scientists who are as radical as most religious extremists =O. Oh, help me then.

      • Hahaha. scientist are never radical. if they were, they would not have created the strenuous scientific method. baka pseudo-scientists.. haha. omg. i hate it when i sound like a dork.

  3. 11. The Church does not exist.

    • Hahaha.

      If that is the 11th rule, then there would be no point in imposing the other rules I just wrote above, haha. And I wouldn’t go on yapping about how I feel about the church, which is not good for me. I love preaching and talking and talking… πŸ˜›

      Honestly, I think it is free to exist as long as it doesn’t try to be so snoopy in political affairs and other affairs that doesn’t concern them. That’s when I think people need to intervene and give them a piece of their minds.

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